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Artists national and international plastics respondents can be viewed in this category. It is breaking down geographical barriers and present them to you.

The art of Rachel Avelino de Oliveira

Born in 08 September 1999, in the city of Manhattan, Minas Gerais. Son of Fernando Jerri de Oliveira and Sander Avelino de Oliveira, still got a sister, Marcelle Avelino de Oliveira, born in 30 January 2004, in the same city. ...

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Launch of YouTube channel “Talk PsiColeguinhas”

Three women and a lot of stories to tell. That's how the presenter and actress Babi Xavier and Paula Lane, master in psychoanalysis, define the program proposal Psicoleguinhas, you had your premiere, on YouTube, in the last day 29. In it, Mrs ...

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Leandro Luiz Santos – Segga

Leandro Luiz Santos – Segga “My first contact with Graffiti, between 96 and 97, It was through the streets, the graffiti. Graffiti art took some time to have the prestige and the importance it has today. It wasn't very ...

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Sueños III.

Iván Carbonell War (Machuty)

Iván Carbonell War (Machuty) Painter, designer. Born in Camaguey, Cuba, 1984. Member of the Asociacion Hermanos Saiz (AHS) and design “Are you hay”. Graduated from the Escuela Provincial de art Instructors in 2004. He graduated as Bachelor of Art Instructor ...

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Leandro Paul's Artist.

Leandro Portella

Leandro Portella native of Sao Paulo – São Paulo, born in 1981, painting started after an accident, in 1999, that left him a quadriplegic and took almost all of his movements, Since then with a brush in his mouth he seeks ...

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Sunset homes.

Jonathas Alves Correa

Jonathas Alves Correa Work with painting in oil on canvas for over 3 years, in that time I've been perfecting the art; I consider my life to me. I already have frames that even were sold in Brazil, like ...

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Watercolor Drawing.

Sergio Silva

Sergio Silva Carioca, 57 years, a resident of the neighborhood soccer field, Draughtsman in scenography, at 27 years in College-fine arts – Industrial design in 1987 (At the time: D school. I. Brasileiro de Almeida). In 1980, did your first ...

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Lisete Chies

Lisete Therese Sen Lehugeur Chies With Khushboo stage name Chies, artist who was born in Porto Alegre/RS, where currently resides. Always interested in art, mostly painting on canvas. Began to draw and paint in 2011, autodidact, using acrylic ...

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Luigi Di Mauro

Luigi Di Mauro fine artist and graphic designer from the years 1980, his recent works have abstract and figurative works that record the current communication, on interaction between people who are connected all the time. See All ...

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Woman in white in the garden, Monet, 1867 (Re-reading).

Damian Alejandro Ferraro

Damian Alejandro Ferraro graduated from the School of fine arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon Buenos Aires, Argentina. Resides in Brazil for 12 years. Artist since 1998, in terms of painting, oil and acrylic, drawing on various materials. “In 1994, I started my ...

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