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In this category Columns, are interviews, materials with national and international artists, Columnists made by the site works of art.

"How to improve your gourmet balcony!"Jessica Theodoro

Learn everything to improve their gourmet balcony! With our changing habits, the gourmet balcony is a preferred owner place to welcome friends and family and became important and operative, na hora de pensar na compra do ...

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Invitation “A Arte Feed Alma” – by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Plastic artist friend, do not miss this great opportunity to show their art. “A Arte Feed Alma”. ABRASCI achievement – Mercure Paulista / SP – Sp. Place of great frequency entrepreneurs, tourists and select audience. Good sales opportunities for ...

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“Reflection of our habits in the kitchen and balcony” by Jessica Tan

With the passage of time, our habits have changed and this reflected in our house and apartments. In the 80, the apartments were bigger rooms and bathrooms employed. Nowadays, esse cômodo praticamente não existe mais e ...

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“The Relevance of the Lie as Artistic Component in Oscar Wilde:” by Juliana Vannucchi

This text seeks to explore and share with readers, some observations and interpretations of an essay written by Oscar Wilde in 1891, The titled decay lie. The text referred to it is a dialogue between Vivian and Cyril, dois personagens ...

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The art with the face of Brazil by Rosangela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: The painting lesson Framework none is finished, Said right painter; If you can endlessly continue it, First, on the other side of another frame. That, feito a partir ...

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“The 5 Feng Shui elements and how to apply them at home” by Jessica Tan

Thinking about the harmonization of environment and renewal energy in the home, one of the tips is to bet on the colors, objects and rooms, where we can apply the 5 the elements applied in Feng Shui. O elemento Madeira estimula a ...

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Lionel Falcon “The art of photography Pets” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

“All things of creation are children of the Father and brothers of man… God wants us to help animals, if you need help.” – St. Francis of Assisi Dear readers, this matter is somewhat different from all other, ...

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Fig. 1 – Knight, Death and Devil, featured, 1513. Albrecht Düher. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Rosenwald Collection. "More clearly speaking, skull, It seems to-me, expresses death, the end that is exposed in the way that man travels ". – Juliana Vannucchi.

“Some Notes on the Legacy Artistic Düher” by Juliana Vannucchi

Dear readers, below, gladly share with you the key insights I had with the paintings of Düher, how they affected me aesthetically and why so much intrigue me every time that they appreciate and give myself. Before ...

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Fig. 1 – The Circle of the Corrupt Officials; the Devils Tormenting Ciampolo, 1827, featured. William Blake. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Rosenwald Collection. "A Arte, according to him (Blake), intuitive knowledge is not of individual things, but the eternal and superhuman forces of creation ". (ARGAN, 1988, p. 35).

“The works of William Blake in Counterpoint with Reason” by Juliana Vannucchi

William Blake was a painter and English poet, that fits and is usually associated with Romanticism (more specifically, as a pre-romantic), While all of their production has also aspects belonging to Symbolism. Blake was eccentric. His productions have been widely ...

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Fig. 13 – Edvard Munch: Vampire II, 1895-1902, lithograph, 380-387 x 550-560 mm. Munch Museum, Oslo. Photo © Munch Museum.

First Traces of Modern Art – Symbolism by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: When Ishmalia became insane, She stood dreaming in the tower… She saw a moon in the sky, She saw another one in the sea. In the dream she lost herself, He bathed all ...

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