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In this category Columns, are interviews, materials with national and international artists, Columnists made by the site works of art.

Lu Mourelle - “One touch, lyrical and smooth, as singing of a bird, his features and colors” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Dear friends and readers, unlike other materials where interview artists discovered by social networks or already know for his work, with this artist, very talented by the way, I was nominated by a renowned healer and well respected in the ...

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Beth Willemann – “Paints veins” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Continuing my relentless pursuit, for talent in our Brazil, and present them to you, found in Florianópolis-SC, a truly amazing artist and very talented, that from childhood felt an overwhelming need to create, to vent his thoughts were many. Their ...

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Clovis Loureiro - “A touch of God, dreams fantasies” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Clovis contemplates us with beautiful works, with a very special and particular technique which I had never seen and began to wonder. I had to share with you, and disseminate this talented artist, He began to draw to 9 ...

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The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat during 2018 in Brazil by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: The reality of consciousness, this faculty about which people chatter and are so proud of, is a sign of our imperfect development. Before ...

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Adriana Ferreira - "Feelings and sensations in the shapes and colors" by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Returning the stories about artists, I was pleased to discover, through my social networks, a talented artist in Baron city of Groves / MG, hitherto unknown. When I saw the photos of his works, I was delighted and very happy ...

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"Using Ultra Violet decoration" by Jessica Theodoro

The colors of the Pantone guide the trends of fashion and design, result of reflection and identification of what is missing in the world. At the end of last year, Color was revealed Ultra Violet! Tal ...

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Retrospective 2017 Rosângela Vig

A year of 2017 full of stories and art history by Rosangela Vig, Let's review!   First Traces of Modern Art - Post Impressionism by Rosangela Vig October Rose + November Blue: Celebrating life! by Rosangela Vig Partnership ...

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Retrospective 2017 Edmundo Cavalcanti

Let's review the materials of Edmund Chandra in 2017!   Short Story "Essay Antofalla, My Refuge "by Edmundo Cavalcanti FamilyArt Br Tattoo - Marilda and Fokinha, "Art in the streets and in the body" by Edmundo Marcia Cavalcanti Loretti - "Rescuing ...

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Retrospective 2017 Jessica Tan

New columnist on the website, specializing in Decoration. Check out the articles in 2017:   "How to decorate your home with paintings" by Jessica Theodoro "Roots" by Jessica Theodoro "Minimalizando" by Jessica Theodoro "The Network, The Mole, The good "by Jessica Tan ...

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Fig. 13 – Houses in Provence, Vincent Van Gogh, 1888. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Ailsa Mellon Bruce Collection.

Early Traits of Modern Art – Post-Impressionism by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: For the perfect flâneur, the passionate observer, it is an immense joy to establish residence in the numerous, in the undulating, in the movement, in the ephemeral, and in the infinite. To be ...

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