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24 August, the day of the Artist by Fabiano de Abreu

Today is day 24 August, the day of the Artist. Will a poetry: “Being an artist is to have talent, is paint and embroider until the outside is being creative and spontaneous is technical without being studied is to have been born with a ...

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Portuguese Language writers anthology. Disclosure.

Publisher opens registration for Portuguese and French anthology

The ZL's Publisher with open registration for authors who want to participate in the Fourth Edition bilingual, Portuguese to French, the Anthology writers of the Portuguese Language. The registration for interested will be made by e-mail zlcomunicacao8@gmail.com until the day 31 August. Each author ...

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National Library of Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Ricardo Barguine.

Besides the prestige as Advisor, the Luso-Brazilian Fabiano de Abreu now Immortalizes your name among the largest Brazilian writers of history

What the end point for success? To the writer, philosopher, Publicist and journalist Fabiano de Abreu, owner of MF Global Press, There seems to be no. Prestigious world fitness Advisor, Fabiano terá seu nome eternizado entre os grandes ...

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I book in Canada. Photo: Disclosure.

Book fair in Canada opens registration for writers

More than selling books, the writers seek to take your concept, your art and your way of seeing the world for the universe of readers. Thinking about it, o I Salão do Livro do Canadá está com inscrições abertas para autores ...

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"Communion", HQ with Felipe Folgosi roadmap. Disclosure.

Felipe Folgosi launches "Communion", your new Graphic Novel

ArtWork, with story of suspense and psychological horror, has release the day 25 July at Livraria Cultura of the National Assembly, in São Paulo at the end of July, arrives at bookstores and newsstands "Communion", HQ with Felipe Folgosi roadmap. ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: David Borges / MF Global Press.

Fabiano de Abreu: “Goals are life-locomotives” by Vanessa Scarcella

Writer of new generation, the philosopher Fabiano de Abreu about the importance of the goals and says he considers the title as one of the themes of your new book, ' Live Might Not Be So Bad ', from “frasetas” to the context”. “Plan ...

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The books covers artist Giselle Vasquez. Disclosure.

Children's books show the charm of the beautiful stories

Show the charming power of the most beautiful stories, This is the proposal of children's books by the artist Giselle Vasquez. She throws two books simultaneously, "The boy and the Star" and "the girl in the ...

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For Fabiano de Abreu, the pain of loss eases with fond memories by Vanessa Scarcella

The psychologist Margie Holy Spirit Wagner comments on the author's conclusion In conclusion about feeling “pain of loss” described by the philosopher Fabiano de Abreu, posted in channel your thoughts in the form of sentence on Instagram @escritorfabianodeabreu, We should ...

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Livro Ethan Frome de Edith Wharton. Disclosure.

Penalux Publisher launches work of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist of Literature

Penalux publishing promotes a literary rescue to launch the classic novel Ethan Frome, Edith Wharton, with the translation of Chico Lopes. The book, It is told from the perspective of the Narrator, account of the life and tragedy of the character that gives ...

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Account “Antofalla Test, My Refuge” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

I'm close to the village of Antofalla, in the Andes mountains, in my cabin. It's really cold, the snow doesn't stop falling, breathtaking scenery. The wild donkeys and llamas coexist peacefully in this scenario. The flamingos seeking food in the Lake. ...

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