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Classified Artworks

Friends (Mrs),

Our classifieds are ON!

The interface is Pleasant, Quick and Easy Viewing. You can choose between two themes: Classic and Modern.

It also offered the choice of several languages.

*Due to the Inauguration of Our Site, will not be charged a listing fee indefinitely!

Want to Buy or Sell Works of Art? Access the area Classifieds, Announce register to e!

Visit our classifieds: www.obrasdarte.com / Classified



  1. Artworks, the site that supports artists who seek to promote culture.

  2. Excellent space for those who like art.

  3. I wonder if you guys buy frame? I have a Vincent Caruso.

  4. Christiane Guerry Guerry

    C”est la 1ère fois que je collabore avec un étranger qui est très bien site conçu ! Je suis dans l ' attente de voir les résultats ….
    Christiane Guerry

  5. I think the format of the excellent site, but the price of the works should be more explicit, Screamers. As a customer I'm here to buy and want to know the price, the measures of the work and if the freight is included.
    I think this information is essential to the client should be also in the virtual Gallery of each artist clearly and objectively is where we have the first contact with the works and the artist's resume.
    Sandi Nicks.

    • Artworks

      Hello Sandi, Good morning!

      Thank you for your special touch.

      His notes are very welcome.

      Some artists by choice, prefer not to mention the value of the work at first.

      In cases that are reported costs and dimensions of the works, the artist himself makes the shipping price when a possible negotiation as current rates and prevailing at the post office, etc.

      On our walk, We're always on the lookout for interesting questions like yours for continue improving our position on the market as a whole.

      With Cordial Greetings,

      Website Obras de Arte
      Tony Franco

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