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Arte de Sonia Gil. Photo: Disclosure.

Electronic documents, computer systems and urban universe serve as inspiration for the Digital display

The art gallery will promote Solar for free, from 14 September, in Copacabana, the exhibition Prints. The exhibition has pieces of art produced through digital media, as electronic documents encoded in binary digits and accessed through computer systems.

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With coordination of Osvaldo Centeno and participation of artists Dalton Romão, Edson Lacy, Ricardo Bhering and Sonia Gil, the exhibition seeks to expand and share personal experiences in a collaborative way. It takes into account the dual meaning of the Word prints, that refers to authoring tools, software and hardware and now refers to the online identity of each individual.

Prints also features great inspiration from the urban universe, where it is possible to see the contemporary city and your plurality of perceptions. The pieces seek to instigate the look, stimulate thought and trespass the languages each of the visitors.

About Solar Light boys

Solar Light boys is a civil organization and philanthropic, promoting integral education, Culture, sports, support for professionalization, basic health care and social assistance to families with higher level of destructuring of the Peacock communities-Communities and Cantagalo. The work has 33 anniversary and celebrates 26 years of Education Program in full 2017. As 400 children of 3 months before the 18 years of age remain in the nursery to high school Solar, joining universities and good jobs.

Exhibition Prints
Curated by Osvaldo Centeno
Period: 14 from September to 28 of October
Visitation: from Monday to Friday: 09h to 6:00 pm – Saturdays: 09h to 1:00 pm
Entrance: free
Address: Solar Art Gallery – Rua Saint Roman, 146, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
Phone: (21) 3202-6900


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