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Double Meaning of Maria Lucia UrbanB

Artwork of Maria Lucia Urban Borbely

Maria Lucia Urban Borbely is a Plastic Artist.

Double Meaning of Maria Lucia UrbanB

Technique: Digital Art.

Dimensions: 41 x 51 cm.

Graphic Designer, Visual Artist (modality oil on canvas and digital art), born in São Paulo, Brasil.

“After a time spaced in the art 2010, I returned to invest in the artistic development. In 2012, I majored in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics by Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design, complemented with courses in Art History, Design and Photography.” – Maria Lucia UrbanB.

Double Entendre

Artwork Unavailable for sale.

The work was sold in an artist's own website.

See All the Artworks on Exhibition in the Gallery and the Curriculum of the Artist.


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São Paulo – São Paulo
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