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Eliana de Moura Bonini – “I have an immense passion for what I do and the feeling that my art gives me…”


Eliana de Moura Bonini is a Visual Artist.

Eliana de Moura Bonini

Art has always been present in my life, i come from a family of painters and I think I inherited the gift. I did undergraduate degree in Painting, Sculpture and Engraving at UFPEL, of 1976 up to 1978, but not the complete. Also, during the period in which i raised my four children did a break, unfortunately this resulted in a considerable loss of time without improving my art.

Anyway, in the year 1998, I could begin to devote myself completely to oil painting, thus beginning my history of artworks and canvas.

Eliana_Bonini_Egua_Bebendo_AguaThe technique in oil on canvas is the style that most appeals to me, because it allows me to draw up a job with maximum details, fundamentals to realism. I need to be always creating because the art is my life, emotion and passion.

“I have an immense passion for what I do and the feeling that my art gives me, to carry me to another world, this feeling is what drives me to paint, permanently”.

The human eye is an amazing tool. By capturing light rays reflected by various objects have this tool provides a range of rich colors and details. These are many shades and traits that I portray in my work. Far from seeking to please strands or schools of art, My focus is on the pure pleasure of analyzing the peculiarities of that comes to our vision and translate it into strokes. The beauty of all this stuff is everywhere, but sometimes it is necessary that someone evidence so we can marvel with what we already have. The details exposed in my painting are around, available to all, however when someone reveals in a special way we can so enrich our spirit with the happiness that is already here, which need not be sought or found, just onlyEliana_Bonini_Shrek_Golden_Retriever open our eyes.

Each work my is unique and never thought of leaving the art because it is my life. For those who are starting, I advise you to focus on and really loves what you do.

Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
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  1. Hello Eliana,
    I'm Portuguese and I live in Portugal 35 years…
    I've been watching your works of art on the site”obrasdearte” and then I marveled at the screens I saw, they are gorgeous!!

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