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Eliane Mourão

Eliane Mourão é Artista Plástica.

Eliane Mourão is Plastic Artist.

Eliane Mourão


1960 Atelier of Drawing and Painting of Helena Maranhão.

1965 Atelier of Porcelain Painting of Raul de Mello.

1971 Graduate as Architect by UFRJ – Campus Fundão.

1972/1973 Design of Jewels by H. Stern.

1975/1980 Atelier joint of painting and creation of jewels with Márcio Mattar and Alfredo Grosso.

1981 Collective in the Gallery Roberto Alves with pictures painted on glass.

1989 Atelier 'Art Center' under the direction of Rada Dimitrova.

1989 Collective in the Art Gallery of the Gávea Germanic Society.

1990 Collective in Gallery of Spain House in the Large of Lions.

1990 1a Collective of 'Art Center Gallery'.

1990 24a Collective of Painting in the House of Spain.

1990 Atelier Hélio Nativity in the Club Marapendi in Barra da Tijuca.

1991 31a 'Artec' Collective in the Leblon Agency of the Banco do Brasil.

1991 Winter Salon of 'Artec' of Plastic Arts in A.A.F.B.B.

1991 XXVII Female of S.B.B.A.

1991 III Gymkhana of Painting and Drawing of the Center of Studies of the Staff of the Duque de Caxias Leme Ministry of the Army.

1991 33a 'Artec' Collective in the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Chamber Ari Barroso.

1992 Collective – Eco Magic 92 'Artec' in the Cultural Corridor of the São Conrado Palace Hotel.

1992 Iª Collective of Plastic Arts of Eco 92 in the Hall in A.A.F.B.B.

1993 Conference in the Aeronautical Club, organized by A.A.F.B.B.

1994 Collective of the Gallery "Atelier d'Art" in Pedra de Guaratiba.

1994 Member of the jury and special guest in the II Hall of Plastic Arts of the Historical Museum of the Army and Fort Copacabana.

1994 XXX Female Hall Ethel Lowndes of the Brazilian Society of Fine Arts.

1994 V Hall of Figures Prof. Oswaldo Teixeira of the Brazilian Society of Fine Arts.

1994 I Collective of the Space Art Barra da Tijuca.

1995 XLIII Hall of Arts of the Military Club.

1995 Collective in the Cultural Center Maria Cottas / Journal Special.

1995 Artist invited to the 1a Collective Show of Drawing and Painting of Culture Chamber of Barra da Tijuca / Acibarra.

1996 Artist invited in the III Spring Ecological and Hall Burle Marx in the Ecological Park Chico Mendes in Recreio dos Bandeirantes.

1997 Salon of the Spring Ecological Park Chico Mendes – Lions Club Rio de Janeiro.

2015/2016 Atelier Fernando Zenshô Figueiredo – Painting outdoors in Barra da Tijuca.

2016 Painting Exhibition “Hues” together with the "Ubuntu Group" in the Caiçaras Club – Lagoa.

2016 Prize of Acquisition of Canvas by the Caiçaras Club.

2016/2017 Atelier Virgilio Days – Painting outdoor in Barra da Tijuca and surroundings.

2017 Frames exposed at the Architecture Office – / – Eliane Mourão Gallery – located in Downtown block 20 store 105.

2017 Participation in the Exhibition "Diversity of the Look" at the Light Cultural Center.

2017 Participation in the Exhibition "Art in the Spring" in Downtown.

2017 Participation in the 48th Hall of the Naval Club.

2017 Participation in the Exhibition "Artbrazil" – Fort Lauderdale.

2017 Participation in Exhibitions of AVA Gallery in Finland – Helsinque:

2017 Screen selected to participate in the Commemorative Catalog 2018 for the disclosure of the Roberto Burle Marx Site.

Praia com coqueiros.

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Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro
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