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Floating in Color of Maria Lucia UrbanB

Artwork of Maria Lucia Urban Borbely

Maria Lucia Urban Borbely is a Plastic Artist.

Floating in Color of Maria Lucia UrbanB

Technique: Digital Art.

Dimensions: 55 x 45 cm.

Graphic Designer, Visual Artist (modality oil on canvas and digital art), born in São Paulo, Brasil.

“After a time spaced in the art 2010, I returned to invest in the artistic development. In 2012, I majored in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics by Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design, complemented with courses in Art History, Design and Photography.” – Maria Lucia UrbanB.

Floating in Colors

Artwork available for sale.

Contact: obrasdarte@obrasdarte.com

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São Paulo – São Paulo
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