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Girl From Ipanema of Lima Junior


Lima Junior is a Visual Artist.

Girl From Ipanema of Lima Junior

His artistic tendency can tell it's a vocation, since his work portrays in a way modern Figurative, the dreams and fantasies of children that exist within us.

Portrays a fantastic way playful scenes, circus, musicians, landscapes and scenes of everyday life, scenes from past seasons, the present and perhaps the future.

His characters are figures of his imagination but the theme, clothing, are the result of deep study of gestures, manners and costumes of bygone days and maybe come, his artwork belongs everywhere, the all seasons ...

Technique: Oil on Canvas TEXTURED.

Today is the Birthday of the Visual Artist! Congratulations!! Best Wishes!!!


Artwork available for sale.

Contact: obrasdarte@obrasdarte.com

See All the Artworks on Exhibition in the Gallery and the Curriculum of the Artist.

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São Paulo – Brasil
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