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Light of Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho


Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho is a Plastic Artist.

Light of Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho

Technique: Photography – In matte photo paper with glass in frame of 2 cm in lacquered wood in white color.

Dimensions: 90 x 70 cm.

The Contemporary Art and Original of Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho, Sculptress, Painter and Photographer brings the movement, the pace and with her creative process she summarizes in her artworks portraying the beginning of Creation to the present day.

Today is the Birthday of the Visual Artist! Congratulations!! Best Wishes!!!


Value of the ArtWork: R$ 1.250,00

Contact: obrasdarte@obrasdarte.com

See All the Artworks on Exhibition in the Gallery and the Curriculum of the Artist.

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São Paulo – São Paulo
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E-mail: contato@space-contemporaneo.com



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