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Palekônia of Robson da Rosa Soares


Robson da Rosa Soares is a Visual Artist.

Palekônia of Robson da Rosa Soares

Year 2011.

Robson is a self-taught visual artist and writer of speculative literature, inspired by the avant-garde movements, ideal neo and remodernistas and contemporary philosophies of existence and knowledge, as anti-realism, deconstructionism, absurdismo, falibilismo and holism, reaching a design philosophy and artistic movement which he calls “outroladismo” the combination of keywords “other” and ” side”.

Today is the Birthday of the Visual Artist! Congratulations!! Best Wishes!!!


Artwork available for sale.

Contact: obrasdarte@obrasdarte.com

See All the Artworks on Exhibition in the Gallery and the Curriculum of the Artist.

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São Jerônimo – Rio Grande do Sul
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