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“Refugees” of Antônio Poteiro

Antônio Poteiro - Refugees - OST - 60 X 70 cm - (2007)

“Refugees” of Antônio Poteiro

Technique: Oil on canvas.

Dimensions: 60 x 70 cm.

Value: R$ 8.000,00


Artwork available for sale.

Contact: obrasdarte@obrasdarte.com

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Partnership Brazil Gallery Galeria de Arte

Antônio Batista de Sousa, better known as Antônio Poteiro, (Província do Minho, Aldeia de Santa Cristina da Pousa, former province located north of Portugal, 10 October 1925 – Goiânia, Brasil, 8 June 2010), was a Portuguese sculptor, ceramist and painter who went to Brazil with one year of age. He is considered one of the masters of Brazilian primitive painting. Source: Wikipedia.

More in: www.obrasdarte.com/brazil-gallery-galeria-de-arte-site-obras-de-arte



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