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XXXII Salon of Plastic Arts Arceburgo - Minas Gerais by Rosangela Vig

In the picture I ask myself – trace trace – sometimes I paint cloud, sometimes I paint tree… às vezes me pinto coisas de que nem há mais lembrançaou coisas que não existem mas que um dia ...

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Gigi Monteiro and Claudio Cupertino receive Raffaello Award, Italy

A fotógrafa e o artista plástico representam o Brasil em prêmio criado pelos gêmeos italianos Salvatore Russo e Francesco Saverio Russo São Paulo, April 2017 – A fotógrafa paulista Gigi Monteiro e o artista plástico mineiro Claudio Cupertino irão representar ...

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55SP continues until day 27 with works of the Platform Jacaranda

Show has works by artists like Vik Muniz, Nuno Ramos e Luiz Zerbini a preços acessíveis São Paulo, April 2018 – Until the next day 27 April, Friday, the public may know the 25 obras na exposição coletiva ...

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Fig. 1 – Knight, Death and Devil, featured, 1513. Albrecht Düher. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Rosenwald Collection. "More clearly speaking, skull, It seems to-me, expresses death, the end that is exposed in the way that man travels ". – Juliana Vannucchi.

“Some Notes on the Legacy Artistic Düher” by Juliana Vannucchi

Dear readers, below, gladly share with you the key insights I had with the paintings of Düher, how they affected me aesthetically and why so much intrigue me every time that they appreciate and give myself. Before ...

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Fig. 1 – The Circle of the Corrupt Officials; the Devils Tormenting Ciampolo, 1827, featured. William Blake. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Rosenwald Collection. "A Arte, according to him (Blake), intuitive knowledge is not of individual things, but the eternal and superhuman forces of creation ". (ARGAN, 1988, p. 35).

“The works of William Blake in Counterpoint with Reason” by Juliana Vannucchi

William Blake was a painter and English poet, that fits and is usually associated with Romanticism (more specifically, as a pre-romantic), While all of their production has also aspects belonging to Symbolism. Blake was eccentric. His productions have been widely ...

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Fig. 13 – Edvard Munch: Vampire II, 1895-1902, lithograph, 380-387 x 550-560 mm. Munch Museum, Oslo. Photo © Munch Museum.

First Traces of Modern Art – Symbolism by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: When Ishmalia became insane, She stood dreaming in the tower… She saw a moon in the sky, She saw another one in the sea. In the dream she lost herself, He bathed all ...

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Dinorah Rosencrantz – “Magic freedom of geometry” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Art is a constant learning. This can be observed in the course of the artist Dinorah Rosencrantz that, after a learning period in the Paulista School of Fine Arts, where he got used to the knowledge of classical art, will now be defined ...

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The exhibition Antonina Witches are on display in Santa Felicidade

Since the day 3 April, the screens of the artist Regina Bostulim are on display at the Cultural Foundation Space in Santa Felicidade. The show is based on the book of tales of eponymous artist, which brings together fantastic stories that took place in ...

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POP UP Gallery debut in BH 13 a 15 April Garden in Canada

1Edition in Belo Horizonte! POP UP Fashion une Gallery, art and design in the Garden Canada 13 a 15 April Fashion, design and art. Joining these three areas in perfect harmony and provide the public an experience of ...

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Curitiba hosts International Graffiti Meeting

From 10 a 15 April, Curitiba hosts the most important graffiti event held in Brazil: the 7th edition of the Street Styles - International Graffiti Meeting. In this period, two hundred invited artists, from all over Brazil and ...

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