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17International Book Biennale of Rio de Janeiro begins this Thursday and celebrates the diversity of the world of books

17International Book Biennale of Rio de Janeiro begins this Thursday and celebrates
the diversity of the world of books

The country's largest literary event, What happens at the Riocentro between 3 and 13 September,
pays homage to Argentina and receives more than 200 Brazilian and foreign authors

The 17th International Book Biennale of Rio de Janeiro, that starts this Thursday, 3 September, in Riocentro, and lasts 11 days, until the Sunday, 13, will present a lineup with new activities, findings and stories for the whole family. The largest literary event of Brazil pays homage to Argentina in a party that brings writers, editors, booksellers, teachers, students and readers of all ages and profiles. The Biennale is the result of a partnership of more than three decades between SNEL (National Union of publishers of books) and Fagga | GL events Exhibitions. The full official schedule can be found at www.bienaldolivro.com.br/programacao-oficial.

Record of authors

With regard to participants in the cultural programming, the biennial hit two records: This year will be more than 200 authors of many styles, including 27 foreigners. They will come into direct contact with their audiences in informal environments as Literary Café, Cubovoxes, Young Connection, Meeting with Authors and SarALL. The best brazilian contemporary production will be represented, with emphasis on your range: fiction, poetry, essays, Biographies, fantasy, history, political, business, behavior, sets, music, society, mood, comics, children's classics, education and more.

Between the international, the Saturday, 5, the biennial receives David Nicholls (One Day), Julia Quinn (The Bridgertons) and Leigh Bardugo (Grisha). Raymond And. Feist (The Wizard), Colleen Hoover (Hopeless) and Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) If present on Sunday (6). Already Joseph Delaney (The adventures of spook) conversation with the audience in the second (7). Three writers will take turns between sessions of the day 12 -Anna Todd (After), Colleen Houck (The curse of the Tiger) and Sophie Kinsella (Becky Bloom) –, While the Literary Coffee receives Jacques Leenhardt, Organizer of a special edition of picturesque and historic Voyage to Brazil, of Debret. In 13 September, Josh Malerman talks about your Bird box. Complete the team Pedro Chagas Freitas, Sales phenomenon in Portugal, that throws Promise fails.

The Argentine delegation completes the international team. It is made up of big names like Martín Kohan (Seconds out), Tamara Kamenszain (The ghetto/the echo of my mother), Eduardo Sacheri (The secret in their eyes), Claudia Piñeiro (The widows of Thursdays), Mariana Enriquez (Things we lost in the fire), Giardinelli Member (The tenth hell), María Moreno (Teoría de la noche), Sergio Olguín (La fragilidad de los cuerpos), the cartoonist Tute (Batu 1), Diana Bellessi (Pasos de baile), Noé Jitrik (Historia de la literatura argentina criticizes), Inés Garland (UNA reina perfecta), Silvia Schujer (Hugo tiene hambre) and Luciano Saracino (Jim Morrison's graphic novel: the Lizard King).

Tribute to Mauricio de Sousa

The presence of Mauricio de Sousa is also guaranteed. Celebrating its 80 years in full Biennial, He is the author honored this year and will earn a special exhibition. In 190 m ², visitors will discover how the first magazines, the cartoons and evolution of the main characters on a panel with drawings that show changes in traits over the years. There will also be with a reading corner, with every release of Mauricio de Sousa Produções-including the expected version of The little Prince. He still receives the Prêmio José Olympio, offered every two years by SNEL to personalities and entities involved in the promotion of reading.

Literary Café

Between the spaces of the official program, the always popular Literary Coffee remains with its debates dedicated to all aspects of culture. Rodrigo Lacerda debut as curator and, among many other topics, will put on the agenda the relations of Rio de Janeiro with the lyrics – will be one of the tributes of the Biennale 450 years of the city. In total, will be 33 divided by sessions 11 day event.

The space, that this edition will have a special area for autographs, will celebrate great authors Mario de Andrade – the João Ubaldo Ribeiro-and put on the agenda current issues as the controversy of the biographies and the economic crisis. PhD in literary theory and comparative literature from the University of São Paulo (USP), Rodrigo is editor and award-winning writer, having already received two Terrapins.


The biennial will have two unreleased attractions dedicated to small readers and new enthusiasts of the books. At Wiggle, the children will participate in games involving the cultures of all the countries – learning, and, the importance of living with differences. In this sense, the Olympics serve as inspiration: the colored rims turn into Hula hoops that, In addition to moving body and mind, serve as bridges to the imaginary and magical universe of first readings.

An arena set in the central part of the children's space will be the stage of the battles of the first biennial Literary Games. Children and their families will be invited to participate in disputes involving spelling, divination of synonyms and antonyms, adedanha and gallows, always conducted by carnies, making even more playful and colorful evidence. The interactive presentations take place at various times throughout the 11 day event.

Completing the idea of promoting multiculturalism, a library with works for children from different parts of the world will occupy the outer wall of the arena. These books can be used in another activity that promises to entertain visitors: into reading, children and adults can become storytellers with costumes, accessories and other support. In similar format, the cabin tongue twisters also seeks to reunite families in an attempt to reproduce phonemes that make up funny phrases. Also are scheduled 90 storytelling sessions.

The design and the curator of the space are the writer and historian John Joy, Director of Futura.


Already the Cubovoxes is a dynamic activity that will connect, include and share trends of thought and cultural manifestations of the moment in an arena in which teenagers and young adults are invited to chat with personalities of everyday life and some of his literary idols. Is also in charge of John Joy.

The space consists of a cube-shaped Auditorium, that gives voice to teens and expands their ideas. When your around there will be two expositive areas: the Gallery of lights – which will exhibit large works that inspired transformations and revolutions-and the imaginary garden, where the visitor will have access to books created by young or that delighted several generations.

With two daily sessions, In addition to special schedules at 7:00 pm, the Cubovoxes will promote public meetings with names that have excelled both in literature and in other areas, as Gregorio Duvivier, Rafael Dragaud, Eduardo Spohr, Affonso Solano, the collective Media Ninja and Karina Buhr, among others.

Meeting with Authors & Young Connection

The meeting with Authors and the Young Connection open namespace concluded by teenagers and the general public. They happen in the Auditorium Madureira (Green Pavilion), with the ability to 700 people.

The Young Connection will have eight sessions. National participants are, in order to participate, Thalita Rebouças, Eduardo Spohr, Carina Torre, Carolina Munhóz, Sophia Abraham, Bruna Vieira, Paula pepper and Babi Dewet. Among the foreigners are Leigh Bardugo, Colleen Hoover, Raymond Feist, Jeff Kinney, Sophie Kinsella, Anna Todd and Colleen Houck.

The meeting with Authors already receives Julia Quinn, David Nicholls, Mauricio de Sousa and Joseph Delaney.


New to increase even more the diversity of audiences and content of the biennial is the SarALL, performed with the Flupp – the literary festival Periferias. The SarALL happens in days 4, 5 and 6 September, bringing together poets and groups from different regions of the country to exchange experiences and keep alive the poetic oral tradition. The proposal is to enhance spontaneity and interaction with the audience, I have a microphone available.

Curated by Mansoor Sales and Julio Ludemir, creators of Flupp, the meeting will have their presentations divided in two steps. The sessions will begin with a theoretical discussion, addressing the practice and methodology of each group, and then happen collective presentations as Cooperifa, Various Territories, A Night at the tavern and Owl of poetry, among others. In addition to the poets, the SarALL will feature the participation of researchers who may contribute to the accumulation of knowledge both for the street, natural environment of most evening parties, as for the Academy.

Educational forum

Another activity that debut this year at the Biennale is the I Forum of education international book Biennale of Rio de Janeiro, back to teachers and educators. The programming will take place on Friday, 4 September, throughout the day, counting on four sessions of discussions on issues related to the area.

The first guest is Peter Flag, that will address the theme "Literature and literacy: the pleasure of learning. Then, Zoara Failla, Leandro Narloch and José Andarillo discuss "literary Dialogue: The young producer and consumer of literature ". The activities are terminated with Mario Sergio Cortella, It talks about "the age of Curation: What matters is knowing what matters. Education and training of people in fast times ".

Agents & Business Center and InterLivros

A novel partnership was signed with the Frankfurt book fair for the Agents & Business Center, who, also during the first three days of the Biennale, will be open to literary agents and other professionals of the book interested in working in the period. The initiative is approaching the great literary event of Brazil and the largest business center of the publishing market in the world. Have been sold tables for editors of the United Kingdom, India, France and Italy.

Already the first international meeting of professionals of the book (InterLivro 2015), free programming that will bring lectures and panels with professionals, CEOs and key personalities in the global book industry, happens on the opening day of the event, 3 September, from the 3:00 pm.

At 6:30 pm, the site will become the scene of young talent Award from the book industry, It recognizes five Professional to 35 years that have already accomplished some remarkable contribution for the book industry in Brazil.

School visitation

The 17th International Book Biennale of Rio de Janeiro had record in the inscriptions of the visitation school – one of the most successful initiatives in the history of the event. In just 1 hour, 145 thousand elementary school students of public and private networks filled the vacancies of the action, It is sponsored by the Light.

Many readers began in the corridors of the Riocentro, even children, your approach with the literary universe. To foster this interest, upon arrival at the event, public school students receive a $ R$ worth of Biennial 5,50, which can be exchanged for a book in the same value. The project allows subscribers the opportunity to search, acquiring titles, handling specimens and, yet, create a network of exchanges between colleagues after reading.

The largest biennial of all time

Visitors already have to guarantee that they will be part of the largest biennial of all time in terms of quality and variety of the content (investment in increased programming 12% compared to the last edition and tripled since 2009) How to space. Now the gardens from the central square of the Riocentro will be accessible, expanding the total area of 55 thousand m ² for 80 thousand m ² and providing more comfort to all present.

Will be again 950 exhibitors in an event whose total investment is R$ 36,8 million (15% of increase compared to 2013) and its expectation of revenue R$ 58 million. Over a thousand new titles will be launched, While the forecast is that over 2,5 million copies are sold.

The international book Biennale of Rio de Janeiro is held by SNEL and Fagga | GL events Exhibitions. The event has as sponsors másters Bradesco Seguros group, Petrobras and the BNDES. The Piraquê (Young connection/meeting with Authors and meeting point), the new bath regeneration plans (Read square), the Light (School Visitation), Bic (Creative Space Square) and the post office (logistics operation) are also sponsors. The Biennale also with Ministry of culture through the Federal law of incentive to culture and with the sponsorship of the Government of Rio de Janeiro, State Secretariat of Culture, by State law of incentive to culture of Rio de Janeiro.

The filmmakers

Reference in promotion and organization of fairs and events in Brazil, Fagga l GL events Exhibitions has been on the market for half a century and is responsible for more than 20 trade shows by year. Since 2006, part of one of the largest groups of events in the world, the French company GL events. The multinational is the only Latin America working in the production chain of events.

THE SNEL (National Union of publishers of books) is a civil society that aims at the study and the editorial coordination of activities in Brazil, as well as the legal representation of the category of publishers of books and cultural publications. Its mission is to support the class in the areas of copyright, library science, labor law, tax and accounting. The current Chairman of SNEL is Marcos da Veiga Pereira.

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