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1Th Visual Arts Salon Edition Quarantine by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Quarantined times and social confinement, where in Brazil and abroad, art salons and exhibitions suspended or canceled, galleries closed indefinitely, some selfless artists and lovers of the arts in the city of São Carlos / SP, along with other renowned artists and art critics in our national and international art scene created with the aim of keeping alive the flame of the arts, an event "virtual art".

Entirely without some cost to the artist. (see the writing on the link below with all the information)

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For the first time in Brazil an entirely virtual visual arts hall, comtemplando all aspects of visual arts, and providing opportunities for talent from around northern Brazil to the south and from east to west, show their creations and all creativity, a characteristic that is part of the DNA of our people.

As word Marcus Marks Jr:

"A few days ago, with the insulation condition due to the pandemic, a friend, Daniel Paschoalin, He created a group with many artists of São Carlos / Sp. – poets, writers, Visual Artists, musicians - so we could discuss art, artistic production, panorama, expectations. In one of the conversations we remember when São Carlos had a Hall Arts, in 1985, and from this point, It began to discuss the possibility of holding an Arts Hall again, After 35 years. An event like this requires an entire administrative and legal apparatus to be held, which would require a long time, then the solution we found was to perform independently and the impossibility of having an exhibition in the traditional format (sending works, vernissage and public viewing) it was decided that the event would be in virtual format throughout its process, since the registration period until the close.”

"This contract also emerged page VISUAL ARTS SANCA, a platform where artists of São Carlos maintain a permanent collection of his works. "

To know: spark.adobe.com/page/kNKuTVjZSDzfT

Please register to 10/04. Notice the link:


The 1st edition of the Salon of Visual Arts Quarantine, sponsored by the professional team are composed by-carlenses Antonio Freitas Flush, Luiz Rings, Marcus Ernesto Marchi Jr. and Rafael Ruiz de Paula Zafalon features, from 28/04/2020 exhibition with works of 40 artists selected in different techniques and formats, as paint, drawing, engraving, digital art, photography, collage, mixed media, sculpture, three-dimensional object, performance, video art and GIFs. Participating works of artists from around the country.

The artist will be chosen by judges formed by:

Fernando Naviskas – Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, very active artist and recognized worldwide.

Lauro Monteiro – Curator and cultural producer, Project organizer "Collective Brazil" and Sketchtour in Portugal.

Luisa Angelica Paraguay Donati (Researcher and Professor of permanent Graduate Diploma in Languages ​​Program, Media and Arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of São Paulo (USP), has master's and doctorate in Multimedia, Institute of Arts at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), and postdoctoral studies at the Planetary Collegium, NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan).

Oscar D’Ambrosio – Journalist USP, master in Visual Arts by UNESP, degree in Letters and Doctor of Education, Art and History of Culture Mackenzie University.

The 1st edition of the Salon of Visual Arts Quarantine is to evaluate, display, document and disseminate the production of Brazilian artists in the midst of temporary measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), considering the pandemic classification by the World Health Organization (OMS). The Hall will open the arts calendar in fully virtual environment, pioneer in this interface and is a gateway to the selected artists in the art world.


Marcus Ernesto Marchi Júnior (Marcus Marks Jr.) São Carlos (1980) – majoring in pedagogy and self-taught visual artist, She participated in several art salons in Brazil, receiving awards in 7 events.

Luiz Rings (Luiz Cashew) São Carlos (currently in New Hampshire) (1957) – Degree in Biological Sciences from UFSCar and Doctor of Science, is dedicated to photography as a hobby for 40 years.

Rafael Ruiz Paula Zafalon (Rafael Zafalon) São Carlos (1996) – Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from EBWU, Specialist in Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art by the Educational Center of Lisbon NIPC 514363711, degree in Interior Design by FASULMG and bacharelando in Architecture and Urbanism from UNICEP).

Antonio Freitas Flush (cavy Flush) São Carlos (1956) – It is production and artist engineer for over 40 years. earner 2 awards Pietro Maria Bardi in the late 80. attended 2 São Paulo Biennials, as a member of the group *.*.


Marcus Ernesto Marchi Jr.
Rafael Ruiz Paula Zafalon

virtual heritage

Luiz Rings
Rafael Ruiz Paula Zafalon

cover design

Anny Lemos
Rafael Ruiz Paula Zafalon





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