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Xico Chaves. Photo: Vein art.

28.Edition of ART OPEN 2018

22 anniversary of an event that has the face of Rio, free, loose, open door!

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In its 28th edition, the master key, director of the Open Doors Art from 2004, faced with the lack of direct funding of public support as a whole, but with artists and curators aware of the importance of art as resistance vector and construction of critical thinking.

Hence our determination to carry out this year 2018 another Open Doors Art in Santa Teresa, Beauty neighborhood and embedded memory in the city center of Rio de Janeiro.

This year we will have the workshops of the partners of Master Key, the culture spaces, our streets, squares, hills and ancient stairs to receive the public of the city that want to insist on wonderful.

Regina Marconi. Foto: Raiane Nogueira.

Queen Marconi. Photo: Raiane Nogueira.

For this edition, artists who want to participate with proposals urban intervention and integrate the digital map "art and resistance"Should sign up for e-mail contato@chavemestra.com.br with stage name, job name to be displayed, summary of the proposal and place of its realization until the day 13 August.

If there is proposed for the same site, coordination of occupation come into contact with artists prior to suggest alternatives. Proposals that communicate with different territories the Santa Teresa neighborhood will be prioritized and Largo dos Guimaraes will not be considered for carrying out any intervention aiming to maintain free flow of traffic the.

The assembly of the work, the responsibility of the artist, It should be carried out of 8 to 12 hours of the day 1 September and disassembly during the day 3 the same month. All languages Proposals will be considered and we will also analyze the footprint, Lecture and conversation circle.

Martha Niklaus. Foto: Website da artista.

Martha Niklaus. Photo: Website da artista.

The work should respect the historical heritage of Santa Teresa being prohibited any material that damage; flammable and toxic materials will not be permitted.

The Skeleton Key by occupying coordination, composed Xico Chaves, Martha Niklaus e Regina Marconi will deliver Selos of creativity, review, resistance, complaint andboldness the participating artists at the end of the event, to 18 hours at the Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo.


  • Proposals: 30 from July to 13 August
  • Analysis of proposals: 14 to 17 August
  • Disclosure of tenders: 18 August
  • Meeting with artists: 21 August, 17 hours
  • Installation of proposals: 1 September, 8 to 12 hours
  • the Master Key Delivery Stamps: 2 September, 18 hours
  • Disassembly / closing: 3 September, 8 to 12 hours


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