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5º ENTREARTES on Leila Diniz Culture Room. Disclosure.

5º ENTREARTES on Leila Diniz Culture Room

The ENTREARTES is reaching its fifth edition, presenting names already known and also unpublished art and further moving the cultural scene Niterói. The setting for the artists will be the charming Culture Room Leila Diniz, created to encourage and support all cultural production, where in addition to appreciate the various forms of exposed art, one can enjoy the beauty of the gardens inspired by the landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.

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For the next edition, What happens in September, the creator of the project Cocoa Days, invited the already known to ENTREARTES, the sculptor Duda Oliveira, in its third participation. beyond, the product designer and architect Widimar Light, the potter, landscape architect and also Glory Marchesini and Maria Lucia Maluf brings the exhibition "Hostile / Seductive", which shows the duality of the pins, in works in acrylic.

The sculptor Duda Oliveira

The sculptor and environmental lawyer, once again it inspired the causes by which militates to create his pieces. For the 5th ENTREARTES the artist brings the exhibition Modern Art, with abstract and contemporary pieces, inspired by what you see in your profession, without giving up its influence of the fishing world.

The sculptor Glory Marchesini

Rookie in ENTREARTES, the potter joins two of his passions: sculpture and landscaping, featuring beautiful flower boxes on your display.

The product designer Widimar Light

Another debutant ENTREARTES, the architect and light designer Widimar Light is product designer and will present their conceptual fixtures, full of technology and innovation.

The artist Maria Lucia Maluf

Rounding out the team, and also the first time in ENTREARTES, Maria Lucia Maluf brings the exhibition "Hostile / Seductive", which shows the duality of the pins, in works in acrylic.

A Entreartes It is a traveling project and has embarked on different spaces of our city: its first edition was held in a shed at Ponta D'Areia, in the second the venue was the Solar Jambeiro, in its third edition, the hippest shopping in Niterói, the Plaza and the fourth, the reopening of the Cultural Center Paschoal Carlos Magno, in honor of 25 Rodrigo years Saramago. The artists who participated in the previous editions were: Rodrigo Saramago, Paula Paes Leme, John Paes Leme, Rudi Sgarbi, Desirée Bruver, Roberta Dacosta, Duda Oliveira, Leila Keys, Sylvia Coelho and Valeria Fredo.

5/09 to 28/09
Cultural Room Leila Diniz – S. Prof. Heitor Carrilho, 81 – Center, Niterói – RJ, 24030-230
Contact: Team Cocoa Days
E-mail: equipecacaudias@gmail.com
Tel.: 21 3603-1871


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