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"The Art of Maria Isabel Archangelo" in Piola Gardens

Pôster Exposição “A Arte de Isabel Archangelo” na Piola Jardins. Divulgação.

Poster exhibition "The Art of Isabel Archangelo" in Piola Gardens. Disclosure.

Maria Isabel archangel

Born in Jundiaí, SP in 1978, Maria Isabel Archangelo graduated in fine arts from FAAP which allowed her trials in woodcut, litogravura, etching, screen printing, ceramics, sculpture and drawing, but it's acrylic painting that the artist is focused as an artist and art teacher.

The works of this exhibition are true color shows, distributed properly and merged, which proves that we are talking about an artist who did not burn steps; first he learned to build and evolved into the deconstruction.

Winning the exhibition LOOK 2017 (Dec / 17), Isabel impressed the jury and the audience with the vibration of your work, in which it is not perceived missteps, corrections or last minute solutions. The impression one gets is that, from beginning to end of the process, the artist had in mind the finished work and mostly had the technical expertise to run it.

It is worth checking the works that are in progress especially for Piola space.

Paco de Assis

Shows "THE ART OF MARIA ISABEL Archangelo" by Itself
Date: 05 to 18 February 2018
Local: Piola Jardins
Address: Alameda Lorena, 1765, Jardins - Sao Paulo (SP)
Curated By: Paco de Assis
Art Link
Website: isabelarchangelo.blogspot.com.br
Facebook: facebook.com/Ateliê-de-Arte-Quinta-dos-Ipês-356992944758442/
Whatsapp: (11) 98228-4587
Support: Piola logomarca. www.piola.com.br


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