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The Digital Art of Edgardo Stroetzel

Edgardo Stroetzel é Artista Digital.

Edgardo Stroetzel is a Digital Artist.


Was born in 15 on April 1952 Montevideo in Uruguay. Son of Painter, Landscapes in oil on canvas, his first attempts with image dating back to his teens.

Performed their experiments using sheets of cardboard as a base, spatula common in paints due and semi-hard. Using the ink itself as glue, dropped sand or earth and returned paint over them so getting tridimensionality. In high school, his drawing teacher requesting images, three-color silkscreen printing on, but he never fit in these policies, always used for six or seven colors, and yet gained recognition for his work.

Aros de LuzWhen Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 1983, by the invitation of a colleague, took a course in photography and lighting. This was a period that would change his life forever and he would reserve one of the biggest surprises ever had. The classes with their teacher were brief, their course ended on Friday and was summoned to start as a teacher on Monday following. His classes in ATENEO DE MONTEVIDEO spread of 1984 to 2000, when he went to work and took root in BRAZIL.


GalaxyIn that period he taught, worked closely with various Embassies of Latin American countries to exchange cultural shows. It also formed part of the cadre of teachers from other schools Photo. Officially represented several HOUSES OF CULTURE always experimenting, and moving away from more conventional photography.

He made several exhibitions that have earned him several awards and five first prizes in five years of participation in competitions, also exposing abroad. At one time, colleagues commented that his forte was not the picture, and was thereafter, who sought his own path.


Always been present in his artistic thought, that photography allowed him many opportunities, but it was only the first step, a ladder with an indefinite end.

.Lore Mercator Esferas

His work went through several stages, but his favorite is scanning, always using as a basis a good photograph. His creations start from the precept that the senses are limited and in special situations and with proper exercises, these senses can be multiplied and expressed in images.


The original images here, can be printed in different sizes.

The Future

Spider Vision














Presentação I

EDGARDO (EDGARD) STROETZEL makes available his phone and e-mail address for possible queries.


Facebook Profile | Flickr
Profile on Obras de Arte Website
E-mail: edgardo.stroetzel @ facebook.com

By the way, a Happy Birthday!!



  1. Wonderful Art!

  2. Wellington Fred

    Too cool, my friend. All this done with photoshop? Congratulations late…..rsrsr Hugs

  3. Julia Sanz

    Your digital works are fascinating, while endowed with great originality. Just looking at them you discover the artist who hides behind them.
    Congratulations Edgardo!

  4. All his works are beautiful!

  5. Buen trabajo. Me gusta la work Spheres.

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