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Graffiti Series Backdrop weight together artists street art. Photo and work by Felipe Arantes.

The Art of Graffiti in House Museum Ema Klabin

The backdrop Graffiti series will bring the artist Binho Ribeiro and Fragments Exhibition

A Ema Klabin Foundation promotes series Backdrop Graffiti which invites artists to leave their marks on the stage which hosts musical performances of the House Museum. The guest of this edition is the artist Binho Ribeiro. His performance happens 9 to 13 March, a partir the 14h, with free admission. The work can be appreciated through July during the free concerts that since 2009 They are part of the cultural program of space.

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One of the movement's pioneers in Brazil, Binho Ribeiro acts since 1984. Gained prominence not only for his work on the streets and screens, as by the curators of major projects involving street art - such as the Open Museum of Urban Art of São Paulo (Dragonbird), and the International Biennial Graffiti Fine Art.

About Backdrop Graffiti:

The series began in Graffiti Backdrop 2014 and is curated by the artist René Foch. Already passed by the House-Museum Ema Klabin artists like: Katia Suzue, Tché Ruggi, Luis Alexandre Lobot, Bieto, Rafael Hayshi, Felipe Score, Karina Toledo, Enivo, Jerry Batista, Karina Oliveira (AS), either Magrela, It Lano (Carolina Barbosa e Juliana Nersessian) This e Paulo.

In its fifteenth edition, the series takes place twice a year, one each semester. Many of these artists also participate in a chat (Art-Chat) with the public to talk about his career and his style in graffiti.

Each edition, a different proposal enchants the audience. O artist Roberto Bieto, for example, graffitied in 2016 the panel on the stage of House-Museum Ema Klabin to the sound of a band of musicians who are your friends. The result touched those who appreciate art.

"Graffiti is the greatest exponent of contemporary art. Brazil is one of the major centers of this art and has artists who are world references as, for example, Binho Ribeiro and the Twins ", stressed Rene Foch.

Backdrop Graffiti has partnership A7MA Gallery of Art and Culture.

Exhibition: fragments

From 14 March to 25 April, who visit the House-Museum Ema Klabin can check the exhibition Fragments, that will make a retrospective series of Graffiti Backdrop 2014 to 2018. They will be exhibited at the Foundation auditorium space, works clippings six artists who turned into art the bottom of the stage which hosts musical performances.

Also on the site of the House-Museum photos of the works of the participating artists in the series until Graffiti Backdrop 2018. Just as a house artist minibiografia. Check: emaklabin.org.br/exposicoes/fragmentos

"Each of the works brought his own character and the visual identity of its director. Often we can, even fragments, identify the author of the work by the individual characteristics of its production: traces, color palette, characters and other distinctive elements ", He stressed the curator of the series Graffiti Backdrop, Rene Foch.

See graphite expression in museums is a way to recognize and appreciate this art that has conquered the world.

Graffiti backdrop with Binho Ribeiro -Day: 9 to 13/03/20, 14h - The work can be enjoyed by June 2020. Free entry.
Exhibition: fragments – From 14/03/2020 to 25/04/2020 - from 14h to 18h – Free entry.
Mediated visits to the museum – From Wednesday to Sunday, from 14h to 18h. Price: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: free entry. From Wednesday to Friday: R$ 10,00 (entire) e R$ 5,00 (half).
Local: Ema Klabin Foundation
Address: Portugal Street, 43 - Jardim Europa - Sao Paulo. 01446-020

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