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Shows Home Build 2016. The ladder of Stylist, the interior designers Ammorim and Everaldo Homer Avvelar. Photo: Osvaldo Castro.

The art on the walls:

Beyond the basic coatings wallpapers
and invading the art world.

When it comes to wall finishing soon we think in meters and more metres of wall papers as a resource for decoration of environments. So that now, currently this solution has gone beyond what was for a long time. With the modernization and market innovation, the stickers are no longer just a unique wall finish. In addition to new tables, created mute, cabinets. You can also enter the composition to cling, literally the other spaces and objects in a home or workplace.

Leaving the decorative paper walls for new, colorful and stylish ways to coat materials wall, the pattern is a real inspiration to make your cozy space, at the same time, customized and integrated. This new proposal can be read on the show House Build, What happens to day 09 July, in Lagoa Santa.

With environments that take advantage of this use, and seeking by means of translating the art, Home Build features, for example, the ladder of Stylist, that by the talented hands of Interior designers Ammorim and Homer Avvelar Everaldo became true work of art, with the boldness of the walls lined in partnership with artist Gina Emeleck. "Gina revolutionized the world of decorating with your look unique and bold ideas. His personality is unique and striking, your creativity is highlighted in each project, with colors and patterns that inspire and point to new trends ", Bill Waddington Gonçalves, Director of shows.

In addition to the ladder, the White Room, signed by the architects environment Diani Viégas and Lilian Ornellas, detail of decorative coating on the wall creates a contrast with the white used as striking element in space, where the designer Victor Dzenk will receive exclusive access to our brides. "The basic premise was to create a modern language and, at the same time, functional, where the bride could have freedom to enjoy the moment of proof of your dress. Such freedom is still reflected in two dresses that seem to float on the hanger, In contrast to the wall with decorative coating ", count the architects.

Already Luciano Costa, responsible for Gourmet Container, you've opted to coat one of the walls of your project with the pattern "La Dolce Vita", the stylist Victor Dzenk. The furniture was based on the colors of the pattern, in blue and red tones, and was kept the floor of the marine container. "I used a dray wall with cimentícias plates to make the atmosphere of the environment.", says Luciano.

Another environment that used the feature of differential coating was the restaurant, space signed by architects Bernard Orchard, Tristin Camatta, Guilherme Rocha, and Zargos Vasconcellos. No local, wood was used in internal and external environments, creating a continuous space. "The project is based on a simple line of reasoning, Open the container and invite the public to make use of space. The colors and combinations are complementary: Woods, year, wires, light, black and Red ", complete Zargos.

Shows Home Build 2016

Date: until 09/07
Address: Avenida Getúlio Vargas, 950, Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais
Time: Tuesday to Friday, 16h to 10:0 pm; Saturday, 12h to 10:0 pm; Sunday and holiday, 11h to 20h
Entrance: R$ 15,00

Information: (31) 3387-5091 // www.construircasadesign.com

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