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Demian Jacob, Exhibition Daydreams. Disclosure.
Demian Jacob, Exhibition Daydreams. Disclosure.

The Studio Gallery is inaugurating day 1 September 2017 Reveries-exhibition of photos and the photographer's studies Demian Jacob

Opening at 7:00 pm with free admission.

A exhibition Devaneios, set of 20 images, between pictures and studies, from Demian Jacob will be opened on the day 1 September, at 19h, Studio Gallery. Award-winning Studio Expo 2017, Devaneios curated by Mark Bonisson takes and Joaquim Paiva who signs also the text of presentation. The image Workshop is on Avenida Pasteur 453, Urca (2541 3314).

The unpublished work of the artist manifests itself with images as well as words. Sensations, forms, colors reflect emotions, intelligible or uncontrolled surfaces. Everyday objects, uncertain landscape, architecture details, plasticity of the void. The beach and the loneliness of the horizon, symbols and passages, packages that cover bodies, now evident now doubtful.

The text on which the curator Joaquim Paiva explains "Photographs of Demian Jacob in this exhibition "Daydreams" show us a world of dreams, of contemplation, of travel, hotel rooms, colors, clouds, nature gift, silence, peace, order, White (the color), plane.

A visual diary, in that often the blur reminds us how quickly the time slips away in our world quickly. A visual diary in white images refer us to memory that fades, the reality that if fog, the view through the curtain. A work that is inspired by the moment, in the world around, on beauty, in delicacy.

Devaneios "daydreaming", as the artist himself: "cataloguing the world around", "addressing more things than being" and "with negative 35 mm, intuitively, most of the time with a camera on automatic ", comments Joaquim Paiva.

Demian Jacob is a photographer born in Rio de Janeiro, degree in Geography and the environment at PUC- River and post graduate in photography and memory Communication for UCAM. During graduation he attended several courses in art and design photography. Was Assistant to several photographers of fashion fine art and works in the advertising Studio gpcstudio. In 2015, graduated in large format photography by ICP-NY , In addition to the course, worked with photographers. Recently had a series of Polaroids "Sliding Objects" selected to be part of the collection of the Museu de Arte do Rio – MAR. His work has an emphasis on perception of a new landscape and man's relationship with the geographical space. Always using the capabilities of photography, Demian develops research in different areas.


Photo Gallery of Studio inaugurates Daydreams- 20 images between pictures, and studies of Demian Jacob / curated by Mark Bonisson and Joaquim Paiva who also signs the text of presentation
Opening Day 1 September, 19h – open to the public
Visitation: until 4 th November of 2017
Time: 2a to 6a fairs of 10:00 at 9:00 pm; Saturdays from 10:00 to 5:00 pm
Free/Censura free
Ateliê Espaço Cultural image

Pasteur Avenue 453, Urca


tels: 2541 3314

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