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Book: "Blue Horizon - the art of love", cover. Disclosure.
Book: "Horizonte Azul - the art of love", cover. Disclosure.

Country life and love for painting make up Natalia Moreno's new book

The novel “Horizonte Azul - the art of love”, Natalia Moreno's new book, tells a story full of lessons on forgiveness, career and women's empowerment

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the great self-knowledge exercises, and this is very present in “Horizonte Azul - the art of love”, book written by Natalia Moreno recently launched by Editorial Group Coherence. Removing the protagonist from the big city and leading to country life, history has a lot to teach us about the life and art of painting.

Inspired by the memories of his childhood and the need to show that we need to pursue our dreams even if no one believes in him, the writer brings a novel as a background and raises interesting questions within the narrative, including the importance of self-love and the other: “Difficulties will always exist and they cannot be barriers. Antonella is a character that grows over the course of history and becomes more self-owned. ”, said in an interview.

Due to the precautions taken not to spread the new coronavirus, Natalia Moreno chose to launch “Horizonte Azul - the art of love” in virtual format. She recorded a video that was published on social media announcing the sales of copies. The writer states that after the pandemic she intends to hold a face-to-face event involving the book.

“Horizonte Azul - the art of love” tells the story of Antonella Collins, a spoiled young woman benefiting from the big city changing her life after visiting her sick grandfather's farm. Moving between drama and romance, the narrative proposes to present a story filled with overcoming, forgiveness and self-knowledge. The books are already being sold on the website of Grupo Editorial Coerência.

About the book

After a childhood surrounded by luxury, Antonella Collins becomes a young woman who knows how to enjoy life with all the comfort that the big city and money can provide. Heiress of a hotel chain and without major concerns about the future, give up the dream of becoming an artist and agree to an arranged marriage that will benefit the family business. However, some plans are drawn without your knowledge and what was supposed to be a visit to the sick grandfather becomes his biggest nightmare: the young woman realizes that she will have to abandon her routine to live in a place full of animals and simple people. Faced with a different scenario, the desire to paint and the awakening of a new love put her before the dilemma: what is the limit between money and love, fame and inspiration?

About the author

Natalia Moreno, was born in Porto Feliz, Interior of São Paulo. Graduated in Literature and Post-graduated in English Literature and Culture and Literature (focus on lit.. indigenous and african) is a teacher of Portuguese language and literature, lecturer in schools on the importance of reading in professional and individual training.

Author of books When I Love Me, From Chaos to Hope, Brands of Life, After the storm, Destination Layout and Blue Horizon - the art of love.

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