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Acacio Pereira, Digital Visual Artist

Digital Artwork of Acacio Pereira

Acacio Pereira is a Digital Visual Artist.

Visual Artist and Musician self-taught. I started painting chanced upon 1987 when studying Civil Engineering at UNICAMP.

Participated in the movement for student housing "TABA" who organized the occupation of the building of the Basic Cycle at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas. I lived for two years in the university and lived with the students of Fine Arts that after seeing some of my drawings encouraged me painting reaching to donate materials for my first artistic activities.

Since there used various materials and used various techniques. I paint, photography and digital art, all together or separately. Sometimes I use projections of overlapping images to make my creations and would use other tools if possible be, because art can not have limits or censorship and technologies are there to be used.

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Obra de Arte Digital de Acacio PereiraOnce I saw someone saying that was not very fond of digital art and artists should continue to do oil painting on canvas that is more traditional, etc. So I said that if we were staying in traditional then we should be using coal inside the caves.

In the contemporary world all the professionals use technology to exercise their professions. Medical, engineers, dentists, etc. and the artists could not be otherwise. I started using digital technology when I needed to shoot my canvas to be able to publicize on the internet. Using photoshop program to scan the photos and then change the brightness and contrast. At first it was just that I did, this was in 2001 but then curiosity led me to delve in 1.001 tools of this powerful program.

Obra de Arte Digital de Acacio PereiraMost artists have their mentor, that person that is mirrored or that encourages and inspires to move forward in their dreams of expression, I had no particular person who has influenced and encouraged me in my work as to call him a mentor. I was support of many friends who have accompanied me in these 25 breeding years and it was through the awards that I started to believe that my work actually has artistic value.


Today is Birthday of the Digital Visual Artist! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!


Some Artworks of the Artist:


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