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Baptist School of Music. Photo: Disclosure.

Chords and verses to maintain health and develop

The song contributes to the development of children, Youth and adults.

There are many benefits of music. In addition to providing relaxation, enables social integration, cognitive development, evolution of language, stimulate the memory and creativity. It's a great activity for the formation of the children and a great ally to the adult's emotional!

For Handel Caecilius, Director of Baptist School of Music, an integral unit of Baptist Education Network, the music is functional. "Play or listen to music can bring many health benefits, body and mind. So much so that, It is currently used by doctors and therapists as a treatment, example, music therapy ", says musician.

The contact with music as a child is very important, because it contributes to the development of the individual. According to results of the survey conducted at Concordia University, in Canada, people who started studying music before the seven years feature neural connections in adulthood different from those who began his musical studies later.

In Belo Horizonte, in high school, Bailey Martinez, the musical initiation begins in the nursery with babies from 4 months. According to professor of educational institution, Thiago de Carvalho, Bachelor's degree in music from UFMG, the classes develop in children the music sensitivity, concentration, memorization, motor coordination, socialization, hearing acuity, reasoning skills, expressiveness, creativity, personal discipline, emotional balance, among other qualities that collaborate in the formation of the individual.

Already the Director of Baptist School of Music believes that music, In addition to contributing to the socialization, has the power to discipline the individual contributing to the awareness of study. This is because it is necessary the daily dedication and hours. "Research in the area of neuroscience, There is evidence that the study of music contributes to the study of other subjects of the school curriculum ", complete Handel.

The study of music

Currently, There are musical education pedagogies since babies, through the children's music, musicalizador instrument and other age groups: teens, young, adults and seniors.

"In high school musical initiation Baptist Miner we encourage babies from the experimentation of instruments, repetition of melodic and rhythmic patterns, body percussion (discovery of the sound potential of the body), stories added with sound and musical jokes. The lessons have duration of 30 minutes and does not have a fixed pattern. All practices out of perception and music production. The family is instrumental in the challenge of education. With the commitment of them, the results are very sharp ", explains Thiago.

The Baptist School of Music, the musician Handel Caecilius explains that classes are structured from the theory applied, that is, in each lesson part of music theory is taught, only what is necessary for that song or lesson. "Very practical, easy and pleasant to make the student produce and evolve musically and quickly. Are very dynamic and practical lessons ", account Director, who believes that the music only offers gains to all. "In addition to the cited, We must not forget the adults and the elderly. With the music, they keep minds and healthy bodies, through mental exercises and moves needed to play ", concludes the Director of the school of music.

Baptist School of Music

The music school of the Baptist Education Network was opened in 2017 and offers courses in keyboard, piano, violão, electric guitar, corner, saxophone, violin, Viola, cello, double bass, electric double bass, battery, recorder or transverse, choral and orchestral, music theory and children's music.

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