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Adato Jacob, The Surrealist Artist of Israel

Artwork of Adato Jacob

Adato Jacob, The Surrealist Artist of Israel

The Visual Artist works with a symbology Surreal that shows his Freudian unconscious processes of nature, full of fantasy, where dreams seem to be the leitmotiv, showing only symbols and enigmas posed schemes with an economy of images. Has a rich semiotic approach and creativity.

We made some questions to the Artist, follow the answers in full text:

“I think I started to paint so I can remember, since I was a child. I loved cartoons like any other child. I loved to draw Figures. At the age of 8 or 9 years old, I saw for the first time the book of paintings of Salvador Dali and MC Escher. These two artists fascinated me, and of course gave me inspiration to continue painting.

Artwork of Adato JacobFurther additional effects were later placed through music. With 15 years of age I discovered the band Depeche Mode, their songs inspired me on painting.

Over the years I went through by spiritual processes. One of the books that influenced me was the “The Power of Now“, it allowed me to get creative spaces indefinitely.

The art style I like most is the Abstract, the Surrealist.

When I am creating artworks, the spontaneous work makes the work be achieved naturally without pressure, a nice background music makes me feel sailing on the ocean and let what's inside come out, flow. My art always comes from the inside out. The works that communicate with me usually comes from all spiritual directions, Uncharted Places.

Artwork of Adato JacobInspiration always comes, no matter where, can be a walk in nature or a piece of music or an understanding with myself about a topic. Sometimes, through talking with people, I can already see the picture or idea and do a sketch and then key color is also a variable.

My advice to anyone who has a passion for painting is to be released by the question “What should I draw now” and give the hand that draws. Be connected to the soul and enormous area right where there is total.” – Adato Jacob

Contact Information

Tirat CarmelIsrael
Raziel Street, 38
Website | Facebook Profile
E-mail: adatojacob@gmail.com

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