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Adriana Oliver exposes in Brazil in Houssein Gallery Jarouche

Spanish artist presents works with men and women faceless discussing relationship of love and loneliness from the day 03 August

São Paulo, July 2019 – From 03 August the public can know the works of the Spanish artist Adriana Oliver in unprecedented exhibition at Gallery Houssein Jarouche.

The show paintings “All The Lonely People” They are guided by feminist issues to discuss relationship, loneliness and strength.

Born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1990, Adriana Oliver is a contemporary figurative artist and works mainly with painting. The original works are reminiscent of elements derived from pop culture.

The works will be exhibited in the Gallery to 14 September. Admission is free.

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In 2018 the artist individually exhibited at Duran Mashaal Gallery in Montreal (Canada) with the show "A Night Thought" With other artists exhibited this year at Secret Fresh Gallery in Manila (Philippines) and Abv Gallery in Atlanta (United States). It was also last year in Beirut (Lebanon) na Artual Gallery “The Urban Experience”. In 2017 the Galleria Torbandena in Trieste (Italy) participou da “Looking Forward”. When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2016 Oliver was in Barcelona (Spain) Victor Saavedra in the gallery and also at the Galerie Katapult in Basel in Switzerland. In London exhibited in 2015 na Hay Hill Gallery. In 2014 the artist showed his work in Spain on two occasions: in Pedro Peña Gallery in Marbella and Project SIO “X,And,In” I drive space Barcelona.

Over the past two years the work was exhibited in the Spanish art fairs as "SP Arte 2018" in Brazil, a “Urban Art Fair 2018” de Paris na Gallery Art in the game e da “Art Wynwood” 2018 in Miami (United States) na Duran Mashaal Gallery. In 2017 Oliver attended the "Art Market Hamptons" and CONTEXT, ambas na Duran Mashaal Gallery.

All The Lonely People – Adriana Oliver in Houssein Gallery Jarouche
Opening Day 03 August of 10 to 17 hours
Free Entry
Local: S. United States, 2109 - Jardim America, São Paulo (near the Metro Oscar Freire)
Opening time: Tuesday through Friday from 10am to 19h and Saturday from 10h to 17h. The exhibition continues until day 14 September 2019.
More information on galeriahousseinjarouche.com

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