Agda Martins

Agda Martins é Artista Plástica.

AGDA Martins is an artist.

Agda Martins

Born in Votuporanga – SP, currently resides in Araraquara – SP.

Works with arts for 15 years, Although without academic training, began to interact with the art, which since childhood is in love. A good part of your time watching the world around us, as nature, people and increasingly approach the art world. Love what you do, and painting for more simple to be, has unparalleled beauty.

Participation in art exhibitions:

  • 19th April fine arts Hall – Free – SP – 2003;
  • Ararense Hall of Plastic Arts (LII academic SAAP) 2004;
  • II and III territory of Arts in Araraquara – SP – 2004/2005;
  • Private exhibitions.

Paisagem Campestre.

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Araraquara – São Paulo
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