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Art 5

Art of Ale Abdala. Photo: Disclosure.

Alessandra Abdala, born in São Paulo, formed 15 years ago by the Faculty of architecture of the University of São Paulo, develops residential and commercial projects, where print search unique features and striking. Designing environments that combine comfort and good taste, with a leaner and a few classic details, striving for choice of different materials, but differentiated, remarkable feature of the Bauhaus school, guideline of their training.

Creates perfect scenarios for any environment or lifestyle.

His works are performed by ADI Facilities, serving efficiently and within due the demands of project the architect requests.

Art 3

Art of Ale Abdala. Photo: Disclosure.

In addition to his architectural projects ALE ABDALA also develops a line of art products, canvases and collages. Their main influences are the Bauhaus school (also in your artwork, noted by the brevity of the elements and forms, distributed in space, Although overlaid) his own Pop and Rock 'n Roll. Inspired by the expression of ER and desires of his generation, his multiple talents are printed on canvas and facilities, collage and graffiti, decorative tiles, objects and porcelain tableware, all media possible to translate concepts and feelings. In his art is perceived the strength of a job supported in contrasts: between glossy and matte, strong colors and neutrality of metallic materials, naturalness and artificiality, passion and smoothness, recurring themes in his creations.

Works of art of the artist:

Credit Photos: Disclosure.


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