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Alexandre De Paula - “Identity and Artistic Multiplicity”

Alexandre De Paula since his last article in February 2016, has many news to tell.

The artist, in addition to returning to his homeland, São Paulo, presents a new series of works entitled “Formal Abstractionism”, composed of 8 works, created with colored pencils with application of piece and ceramic, and a special highlight for a thematic work on the Alhambra - Spain.

Its presence on social networks is also amplified, now with a new profile on Instagram sharing your creations.

Alexandre De Paula é Artista Plástico.

Alexandre De Paula is a Visual Artist.

Tell us Alexandre, you keep the concept of Multiplicity in your works?

First a big hug to you Tony my friend and partner on this path of the arts and all your collaborators and team.

My trajectory begins with the structural design and conceptual construction.

The multiplicity was born in the most varied forms of applications and techniques that I use, as an illustrator using techniques and experiments a thousand, like watercolor, Nanquim, oil, acrylic and many others… always handmade because I came from this generation without technological manipulation. I worked with screen printing and textile, woodcut among others… Starting my plastic vein with materials research, metal textures, resins among other application possibilities. I am an insatiable researcher, always trying to overcome me even after almost 40 year career. The first ten years I spent in the extinct Cândido Portinari of São Paulo gave me structural support to execute any artistic creation, was the foundation to be able to create infinitely in any project. I'm very attached to music, jazz researcher and aficionado, Soul, Rock, MPB…

I had the opportunity to do many series of works representing great names. I created many scenarios for shows like Oswaldo Montenegro, Toquinho, Beto Guedes, Joyce, Francis Hime and other big names in our Brazilian music. In 1989 I start my work in abstractionism, which is exactly figurative deconstruction, I believe that building a lot in the figurative has given me credentials in making unique and personal abstracts. The abstract is the peak of the artist where the quality reference occurs when I can capture the eye and the attention of the observer causing synthetic sensations, clean and positive energy, I developed many themed works like this one from Alhambra, Spain.

As an Art Teacher by 30 years offered me to teach and mainly exchange with so many students, more than 12 thousand students taught me a lot in every way. A lot of dedication to train countless artists from different areas, Designers, Illustrators, Cartoonists, Portraitists, Aerographers, Muralistas, Tattooists, teachers … Caliber and high quality artists. I feel fulfilled and very grateful that life has guided me and provided this journey of artistic multiplicity.

Tell us a little more about you.

Paulistano of origin, I spent many years in Curitiba running a professional arts school were 26 years of great achievement and success! In a new life and career cycle, I return in 2017 to my São Paulo where everything happens! I have met many artist friends from various areas of great quality. Training advertising designer, many art workshops in São Paulo in the 80, alongside great exponents of Brazilian art such as Beatriz Milhazes, Arnaldo de Melo, SENA, among others.

When he woke up his desire to be an artist?

My initiation was in Structural Design where I was accredited and very willing to work with many different materials, I became an artist. Researching materials for daring and accurate use interests me a lot, sometimes I lose months to solve exactly what I want for my work.

What kind of art do you like best?

Due to my trajectory of multiplicity, it is difficult to say, I like too many styles like, Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Realism, among others. But my passion is the ABSTRATIONISM, in this style I produced more than 280 works.

How he developed his style (techniques)?

All experiments with application techniques pushed me towards Abstractionism where I can mix techniques in an infinite way.

Cite if you had artistic influences in your works and which artists?

Many artists and references that are part of my work and creative process. Jayme Cortez, Manabu Mabe, Jackson Pollock, Tomie Ohtake, Benicio, Ziraldo, Leda Catunda, Carmela Gros, Juarez Machado and many, many other references in different styles and areas.

Do you have a family member or acquaintance who is an artist?

I'm from a family with some artists, my grandfather was a radio director and owner of advertising agencies, created famous pieces and many jingles for big companies, friend of Carmem Miranda, winner of 2 Roquette Pinto trophies friend of many actors and actresses like Laura Cardoso, Walter Foster among others… I have a big brother photographer Rene de Paula, my daughter Julia Padula already with a lot of quality as an artist, cousins ​​in tv and advertising management positions.

Living from art is possible?

I am the proof of that I started with 13 years old, but I really find it very difficult in this country without relation and appreciation in all segments of the arts. For having an art school for 30 years I was able to diversify possibilities in attracting diverse projects and jobs. The artist has to persevere and excel at each production to always maintain the quality of his work, emanating energy and playing with the public's imaginary that makes us happy and alive in art.

Ever thought about not acting with more art? can comment because?

As if they took my breath away. I feel colors in my veins.

What skills are needed today for the artist?

All possible experiments and experiences! Perseverance with a lot of sweat and study. We can all be an artist! EVERYBODY, I guarantee it! We can all be what we want we have no limitations as human beings! Do with love and human purpose! Without leaving the $$ dictate paths and interference! Make your way divinely given, use and discover talent in yourself.

What do you feel when you create or appreciate a work of art?

When I create a work, my production surprises me (Cry). When I observe a work that I try to appropriate it at that moment, just like mine… emotions at a glance, drunk with feelings.

Your inspirations to create a work of art?

I always start with the search for the topic and the intended language! I wonder how I can navigate concepts that leave the work with more argument, Research makes me dive into the proposal even before I start doodling. Inspiration is what moves, I listen to a lot of music in the context of the project.

Which art has impressed you the most so far?

I have seen many quality artists. Today Chinese AI WEIWEI, he owns the full domain. I like many…

You must always be creating or creating only at certain times?

A machine gun of creations without pause, I think because of the multiplicity of what I produce, I create all the time and all the time, live from projects work most often in series and collections of 6 to 10 works, my career is diverse and with a lot of production. I acquired a lot of creative capacity, I always want to do, learn and give myself entirely with internal commitment and get the main! May my work reach the hearts of people making them travel in pleasant sensations, touch the heart!

The product of your work is unique or has a close or distant relationship to your previous work?

Unique and personal of any style or project covered, my passion for craft work is to leave traces of that moment lived sometimes even the technical error is part of that context. This makes the work unique and personal.

What are the challenges of art / artist in the current scenario?

The usual, even with the modernity of social networks. I think that keeping the convictions unintentionally happening before it is, be authentic behave like you should. No competitions or personal disputes. Have a human commitment to pass on the knowledge we have been given. I had great masters and I take with me in my actions and reflections. Art for art's sake.

Social networks have helped you to spread your work?

Yes, I am from a generation that is somewhat backward and slow to do so, but I have interacted my way, without much concern in the matter, I spend a lot of time creating, researching and producing a lot. But somehow it does help as a direct tool where the image speaks for itself with quick and direct viewing.

How plastic arts can contribute to education and culture?

In its fullness making us think about multiple social issues, sensory, create critical sense in the face of everything. Art also acts on the human being without it we don't acquire fundamental concepts, like respect and ethics!

How you analyze the qualities of a work of art?

Without many questions, analyze the Concept, the language, applied technique, if you followed natural paths and the main thing is to reach the heart of the observer, if it caused feelings of ecstasy. Sometimes a type of brushstroke leaves traces of quality in the context of the work.

What are the criteria for stipulating the value of a work of art?

I gave lectures on this subject! I really like it because I learned how to commercialize art in advertising, I had to use pre-stipulated concepts in agencies that I worked. Then with my art I created my own concept and way. The complexity of technique applied in hours! Search in hours, Note a work or project cannot be skipped. The Material always used of quality with chemical research in durability and finishing of the work, Format of the work, Customer profile, an investor, a private friend, a company, in my case I have values ​​of complete series or piece… closing in the artist's history.

Talk about your projects today.

I produced an Alhambra themed work, Spain. Granada Andalusia, the Moura part of Spain. I resumed and finished a series of Formal abstracts very interesting GEOMETRIC WAYS. Crayon technique with application on ceramic pieces. Are 8 works in 70x60cm format in panel with texture, an amazing series of lots of fluctuation and energy, starting scheduling for brief exposure.

What's your advice for those just starting out?

Study, Love and Sweat. A thousand experiments where everything matters, do not close in an easier and more comfortable way, just following that style that favors you where people find the most. You have to reinvent yourself all the time!

If you want to leave a message …

We live in complicated times in this country, I really want people to learn a lot like what we are going through in various aspects! Art transforms the humanity!

About your exhibitions, have any comments regarding, feelings ….

38 career exhibitions with feeling of satisfaction and goal achieved. When I watch from a distance and realize that I touched the observer's heart, I'm really touched. Were 4 exhibitions on this return to São Paulo, wait for the next.

Could you comment on some artistic curiosity?

Yes, my workshops are super neat looking like a medical clinic, I became like that because of the organization of screen printing when I started my career.

How would you define your art in one line?

Identity and artistic multiplicity.

Tell us about what's new, in particular the thematic work on the Alhambra, Spain.

I covered this Alhambra themed Work, Spain. Granada Andalusia, the Moura part of Spain. I had to dive (IMMERSION), Title of the work, Research of its detailed architectures with diverse textures, its incredible palaces, your gypsy dance, their clothing and lightness, feel the place as if you were there! Its smell and enchantment was present, an order from a friend who lived with her grandmother in these same places that I represented the emotion really took care of! A work of 220x120cm format in the technique of acrylic ink in airbrushing, a micro air gun. One of the most relevant thematic works in my career.

WebSite: www.artealedepaula.com.br

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ale_depaula




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lexandre De Paula since his last article in February 2016, has many news to tell. The artist, in addition to returning to his homeland, São Paulo, presents a new series of works entitled “Formal Abstractionism”, composed of 8 works, created with colored pencils with application of piece and ceramic, and a special highlight for a thematic work on the Alhambra - Spain. Its presence on social networks is also amplified, now with a new profile on Instagram sharing his creations. Tell us Alexandre, you keep the concept of…

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