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Alexandre De Paula

Alexandre De Paula é Artista Plástico.

Alexandre De Paula is a Visual Artist.

Alexandre De Paula

Born in Sao Paulo Capital where he graduated in Design of Advertising, served as Finalist Illustrator and Art of Advertising Agencies.

At the end of the decade 80 begins his works as Visual Artist, acting in different styles coming to Abstraction in the year 1989 with more than 195 Artworks in this style.

Main Activities: Illustration, Fine Arts and Aerography.

The Artist complete this year 2014 – 25 years of ABSTRACTIONISM.

Director and Professor No Atelier Studio Halftone in Curitiba where you live.

Obra de Arte de Alexandre De Paula.Stands in the panorama of plastic arts, as a dedicated researcher and producer in his own expression. In this relentless pursuit, is that it gives rise, between his desire for clean colors, effects of depth and light itself, that arise through lush gestural forms, the constant themes of his works.

The result obtained, with such mastery of colors, evokes synthetic special relationships and pure , considers that the abstractionism besides the technical composition in textures, harmonization of colors and adding alternative materials, results in triumph and emotional explosion.

Admirer of Tomie Otake, Jacson Pollock, ManaBu Mabe and others, believes that the simplicity of the elements and the objective proposal the ABSTRACT unique and personal.

Courses in the curriculum

  • Basic Drawing and Advertising (Cândido Portinari – SP)
  • Art Assistant and Lay-Out (Cândido Portinari – SP)
  • Design and Illustration (Cândido Portinari – SP)
  • Art Critic (Oficina Oswald de Andrade – SP)
  • Formal Abstractionism and Gesture (Oficina Oswald de Andrade – SP with Arnaldo de Melo)


  • Jobs in airbrushing : Low plants and Perspectives illustrated
  • Helmet customization, T-shirts, Automotive
  • Special Projects: Murals, Scenarios, Pools
  • Hyper-realistic Illustrations in airbrushing for advertisingObra de Arte de Alexandre De Paula.
  • Domain in techniques of: Graphite, Color pencil, Dry Pastel, Acrylic, Watercolor, Stain (Ecoline), Oil, Graphic Pen, Gouache
  • Graphic Production: creating of graphical pieces (Adobe PhotoShop and Corel Draw)
  • Creating and producing scenarios for shows, plays and events
  • Visual Arts: Development of works abstracts and figuratives, materials research for textures and applications in elements like metals , tissues

Professional Experience

  • Designer and Art Finalist – Circuit (equip. Motocross) – SP
  • Illustrator (Agência Feeling) – SP
  • Illustrator (Mount Stands Anhembi) – SP
  • Art Finalist – Head Motorcycle – SP (photoliths for Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki)
  • Teacher on Escola Cândido Portinari – SP, period of 4 years, in courses : Draw. Basic, Assist. Art, Advertising, Diagramming, Serigraphy and Oil Painting
  • Professor of Drawing for needy children (Prefeitura de Peruíbe – SP)
  • Creator of Serigraphy Course (Cândido Portinari – SP)
  • Creator and teacher on Atelier Espaço Arte (Peruíbe – SP)
  • Creator, director and professor of Atelier do Studio Meio Tom (Curitiba – PR)
  • Ministrant Workshop Airbrush PUC-PR (98 And 2000)
  • Creation of CD cover – Oswaldo Montenegro – Sel. Canvas.
  • Development of scenario for the TV Program “Tons do Brasil” – CNT – Curitiba – PR
  • Personalization in airbrushing. Dragster Pilot Scort – the fastest Opala from Brasil
  • Airbrushing on Panel of 60 meters in the Pool Academy of Gustavo Borges , Curitiba – PR
  • Airbrush in Truck of Formula Truck, Diumar Bueno pilot, Curitiba – PRObra de Arte de Alexandre De Paula.


  • Espaço Cultural ITAÚ – 90 – São Paulo
  • Expoart, in 91 and 92 – São Paulo
  • Expoart Litoral with participation of Guto Lacaz (Peruíbe) Sesc Fompéia in 92 – São Paulo
  • Collective of Teachers of Cândido Portinari – 93 – São Paulo
  • Individual espaço cultural Alphagraphics – 95 – Curitiba
  • Collective with artist Pascal Moscovitz – Shopping Mueller – 98 – Curitiba
  • Collective Pro criança deficiência renal Shopping Mueller – 99 – Curitiba
  • Individual retrospective ten years of abstractionism at International Aeroport Afonso Pena – Curitiba – 99
  • Collective SESC da ESQUINA – 2000 – Curitiba
  • Individual Shopping Mueller (JAZZ) – 2000 – Curitiba
  • Individual Estação Plaza Show 2000 – Abstractionism
  • Individual (Program Tons do Brasil, CNT) MPB – 2001 – Curitiba
  • Collective JAZZ series (Memorial of Curitiba) 2001
  • Individual Event of MPB (Rochelle Park Hotel) – 2002 – Curitiba
  • Individual Volkswagen – Audi – 2002 – Curitiba
  • Individual – Menina Dos Olhos – 2007 – Curitiba
  • Individual Café LeDuc – 2013 – Curitiba

Obra de Arte de Alexandre De Paula.

See All the Artworks of the Visual Artist in Exhibition in the Virtual Gallery.


São Paulo – São Paulo
Instagram | Website
Gallery of Website Works of Art
E-mail: alexandreartistaplastico@hotmail.com



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