Alfredo Lima

Alfredo Lima é Artista Plástico.

Alfredo Lima is a Visual Artist.

Alfredo Lima

In 1991 start the course Design by UFPe (Federal University of Pernambuco) where he discovers his affinity for three-dimensional. Completed the course, continued designing design objects, being awarded with four chairs and a lamp. For more than a decade has produced sculptural pieces for advertising acquiring a serie of technical skills and knowledge of raw material which today employs in his works. In the late 90, parallel to this work, begins to create pieces without the functional purpose of the design, but with only aesthetic forms, beginning a long process of research for materials, forms and trends.

Worried about sustainability, begins to develop projects from the re-use of building materials, as paper, sand, iron and demolition wood. From there, mix the recycled Pet resin and pigments to reach the desired texture, getting a result where the plastic memory is quite evident creating it own style.

Escultura 39 de Alfredo Lima.In 2009 inaugurates his first atelier in the Street Estudante Jeremias Bastos at Pina, Recife, with the exhibition "The Complexity of the Simplest Forms" inspired by a macro vision of organic and inorganic fragments of nature, with a natural color palette, revealing an intriguing balance between form and color where the abstraction gives a way to biomorphic figurative in a intimate way giving life to pieces.

In 2011 opens new atelier in Av. Alfredo Lisboa, 507/201 – Recife Antigo (across from Ground Zero) with a new collection "Geometricidade Organic", still exploring contemporary sculptures in the same materials, but, in geometrized abstract shapes, with a neutral color palette, shades of gray to earthy tones. Travelling between expressionism, concreteness and cubism, geometricidade of shapes and the organicity of textures harmonize the process of elements of visual composition.

In 2012 transfers his studio for a Ranch in the municipality of Paulista-PE (near to the site of the Woodpecker) focusing his production, exposure and living in a rural property, where the permanent contact with nature in a broad space opens a range of possibilities of new materials for three-dimensional pieces and new artistic expressions such as sustainable design.

"With these organic forms I want to draw attention to the nature, in this destructive process of evolution, will end only existing in another form of visual art - the photography " – Alfredo Lima


2011 – 2012Escultura 35 de Alfredo Lima.

FERREIRA COSTA 2011 / 2012

Collective Exhibition with the Movement
CATAMISTO “Casa Pinto o Sete”
Curated By: Alexandre Fernandes
Period: 16 September 2011 to
08 January 2012

2011 / 2012
Collective Exhibition of the Movement
CATAMISTO to commemorate the
Sustentable Christmas of Shopping Recife

Period: 01 th November of 2011

2011 / 2012
(Outdoor in the neighborhood of São José on the way down of the Viaduct of Cinco Pontas)

Collective Exhibition of the CATAMISTO Movement to commemorate the 55 years of Bandeirantes Outdoor
Period: 19 th December 2011 to 10 January 2012

Escultura 33 de Alfredo Lima.

2010 – 2011

FERREIRA COSTA 2010 / 2011
Collective Exhibition “Casa Acessível Ferreira Costa”
Curated By: Alexandre Fernandes
Period: 03 August 2010 to 30 April 2011

Exposure in the environment “Lavabo” of the Architects Alexandre Melo and Alexandre Figueiredo
Period: 04 November to 09 th December 2010

Solo Exhibition for inauguration
Period: 30 th November of 2011

2009 – 2010Escultura 27 de Alfredo Lima.

FERREIRA COSTA 2009 / 2010
Collective Exhibition “Casa Showroom Ferreira Costa”
Curated By: Laurindo Pontes
Period: 25 September 2009 to 29 th July 2010

Solo Exhibition for inauguration
Period: 10 November to 10 th December 2009




2008 Escultura 3 de Alfredo Lima.

Collective Exhibition for Inauguration
Curated By: Naiade Lins
Period: 02 July to 02 September 2008

Collective Exhibition "Máscaras da Rua”
Curated By: Célio Pontes
Period: 27 August to 30 September 2008

Collective Exhibition "Um Banho de Arte”
Curated By: George Barbosa
Period: 06 to 09 th November of 2008

CASA COR – Recife 2008
Compounding the environment "Espaço Sebrae”
Period: 04 of october to 10 th November of 2008

LIVE MORE FOR LESS - Recife 2008
Compounding the environment "Espaço Sebrae”
Period: 12 November to 10 th December 2008

Collective Exhibition "Sé 171 Escritório de Arte”
Curated By: Laurindo Pontes
Period: 6 to 14 th December 2008.



“The Art of Alfredo Lima is of immense responsibility, talking or writing about art, further, write about a young artist, in this case it's about Alfredo Lima… …of lead people generally, art lovers, to know George Barbosa.the brilliant way of Alfredo, with his forms, sometimes strangest personalities of the seabed (I apologize to the artist, the very personal view), either sensual and lush! They invite us to reflect on the current world with all its complexities. And as we are deformed, repetitive and indifferent! Not, Alfredo. Seems that, already started technically mature, tireless, hours and hours researching a color tone to best be able to maintain such piece, when we think we have it already set, doesn't it, He challenges himself! Wouldn't it be better the another…? Perfectionism? Yes, porque não? The exhausted watching of an artwork, especially by those who do is necessary and grand!… Well, is how I see, Alfredo Lima's lesson and I think that's where we should reflect these current times.” – George Barbosa is a Visual Artist.

Almir Soares.

“…Use these materials in order to draw attention, by organic forms, to the distancing of man from its origins and disregard for environmental preservation… observing these forms we remind the nature. " – Almir Soares is a Web Designer.


“A look at the artwork of the artist Alfredo Lima… The way “plural” which brings us to the focus of macro imagery of artist Alfredo Lima, which he scours and makes mirror so “singular” the Gill Almeida.universe of organic forms giving them visibilities “plural senses”, and leads us to an imaginary of a possible coexistence of man and those forms of visualities, bringing us a perfect harmony of curiosity and pleasure in experiencing a ride in his sculptural images, where chromatic hues, exploit the earth tones and a rich diversity of textures, that makes us sharpen our imagination, making a bridge with this visual hybrid transport.” – Gill Almeida is a Visual Artist.

Hector Costa.“…Developed his work from the re-use of building materials, as paper, sand and demolition wood. From there, mixed to the resin to obtain the desired texture, reaching an outcome where modernity and class are evident. Alfredo does not classify his works in the series or names. For him, the concept is the most important, because in his work makes sure to leave an evidenced plastic memory.” – Hector Costa is a Cultural Producer and Scenic Artist.

"The sculptor, visual artist and designer, Alfredo Lima is part of a new generation of young artists Daniel Souza.from the pernambucan culture. With his sculptures in organic forms, mixing textures with colors and abstract forms, giving life to the artwork as if it were part of nature. His artwork has the simplicity of life and the joy of those who live the little things. Earthy tones give a balance and organic character that the artist shows as if it were small wooden details, of rock or micro-organism, that goes unnoticed in our day-to-day…” – Daniel Souza – Marketing.

Beth Oliveira.


“…In his sculptures, Alfredo Lima uses a lot the geometric contours, approaching to an organic content, alluding to the forms of nature…” – Beth Oliveira is Journalist.


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Escultura 34 de Alfredo Lima.




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  4. Congrats Alfredo, your work is amazing.
    His sculptures resemble elements that have undergone the action of time and gravity and the result is a feeling of profound transformation of what was story in art!

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