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Alliance Française of Rio de Janeiro opens registration for Express course and thematic workshops in July

Online classes are live with full monitoring by a teacher. On the Express Course, the student is six months in one, with reduced price in 50% and payment in up to six installments on the card! The ateliers are at unmissable prices in various modalities: cinema, reading, phonetics, conversation and an exclusive workshop for teenagers.

A Alliance Française Rio de Janeiro registration is open for vacation courses and several workshops that combine pleasure and learning.

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A great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn or advance in learning the French language is the Express – Virtual room. the course offers during the month of july the opportunity for the student to accomplish six months of learning in just one month, and still get the discount of 50%, with the possibility of payment in up to six installments on the card, in monthly installments in the amount of R$ 364,05. Entries can be made on the website, in complete autonomy.

With workload of 50 hours, held in classrooms 100% virtual, this course allows students to complete six months of studies in just one month., and enrich your time with culture and language learning that can help in different areas of your lives, whether in the social field, professional or academic.

The classes aim to develop the four competences of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”: listening comprehension, written comprehension, oral production and written production. In addition, aligned with this mission, the classes seek to spread the French-speaking culture to students. The teaching method is subdivided into five learning categories.: culture and society, Communication, phonetics, grammar and lexicon.

The Alliance Française's digital teaching modality allows students to participate in classes and connect to the platform wherever they want and on the most comfortable device: computer, ou smartphone tablet. Alliance Française courses are fully monitored by a qualified professional. The student will not be alone in front of the computer screen. Classes and assignments are conducted by a highly qualified professional. Exchanges of knowledge between students are particularly important and help to develop language skills.. Every week there are activities in the classes that allow you to streamline your French learning time.

In July, to Aliança Francesa also offers amazing ateliers for people to improve the French language and French-speaking culture, with very inviting themes and prices.

Cinema is a source of inspiration for the Ateliê Experimenting with cinema in French, to be held on Fridays, between days 09 to 23 July, from 12:00 to 14:00, aimed at students with B1 and B2 levels. People who love cinema and want to know more about the seventh art can exchange ideas in French about the cinematographic world with a lot of creativity using elements of photography, of the sound and the footage. The load time is 06 hours and the investment of only R$139.00.

Already the Ateliê Experimenting with cinema in French held on saturdays, also with cinema as a source of inspiration, it is aimed at levels B2 and C1 and has a workload of nine hours. The investment is R$199.00.

From 05 to 30 July, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 5pm to 6pm, happens the Workshop for teenagers to improve themselves during the holidays: “Teens on vacation … virtual!” is an invitation for teenagers to practice the language, along with other classmates and the teacher. Thus, besides learning, it's a great time for socializing. The environment is rich in music, Games, chat, everything to have a great time in French and not lose touch with the language during the holidays. This workshop is for level A1 (beginners) and has a workload of 12 hours. The investment is R$299.00.

From 06 to 29 July, on tuesdays and thursdays, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, the Reading workshop in French “Lecture””, is an invitation to, during the holidays, the student devotes some of his time to reading in French.. This workshop aims to propose a reading exercise as well as oral expression sharing your impressions with other colleagues. in a relaxed way, this reading club aimed at students from level B2 allows you to discover a series of charms of the rich and refined French literature. The level is from B2+, with the workload of 12 hours. The investment is R$299.00.

Why pronouncing the sounds of a foreign language well is such a difficult task? A “Phonétique” workshop, to be made of 05 to 28 July, the mondays and wednesdays, from 9 am to 10:30 am, has the mission to end this difficulty and make the student be able to reproduce the French intonation perfectly. This workshop is aimed at the level from B1 onwards, with hours of 12 hours and investment of R$299.00.

From 05 to 28 July, the mondays and wednesdays, from 18h to 20h, has the Oral improvement workshop for those who want to take advantage of the month of July to sharpen their oral production during the holidays. The conversation workshop encourages the ability to improve language fluency. The load time is 15 hours and is focused on A2 levels / B1. the investment: R$399,00.

From 06 to 29 July, on tuesdays and thursdays, from 18h to 20h, the Workshop "B2 / C1 oral improvement", stimulates the ability to argue and debate at the B2 level, more advanced. Help, yet, the student starts the next semester having improved their ability to speak French.. With a workload of 18 hours, has an investment of BRL 399.00.


The Alliance Française is a reference in the language and, no doubt, the best-known institution in the world, when it comes to the spread of the French language and Francophone cultures. Has, currently, more than 830 units 132 countries, where they study about 500.000 students. In France, it has schools and cultural centers for foreign students. Brazil has the world's largest network of French Alliances with 37 associations and 68 units.

The teachers at the Alliance Française have a degree and receive constant pedagogical training, linguistic and cultural, national and international and conquered 96% of student approval in the last semester. The AF teaching method also makes greater use of current content and tools that help our students in the natural development of reading strategies, of listening, of writing and speaking in French. The contents developed in our classrooms speak about Francophone cultures and societies, which enables students to discover different cultures, while learning the french language.

Is the only institution in Brazil authorized by the Embassy of France to apply the tests that give access to the DELF and DALF diplomas international, recognized by the French Ministry of National Education. The Alliance Française is also official examination centre for international testing validity of two years TCF (The French Knowledge Test) TEF and Canadian (French Assessment Test) and the national test valid for one year Capes (recognized by CAPES and CNPq of MEC).

Express courses – In July
Enrollment open – Take a semester in a month on this 45-hour classroom course. + 5h in autonomy.
Investment: 6x de R $ 364,05 (on credit card)
Link to registration: https://captacao.rioaliancafrancesa.com.br/cursoexpress


  • Studio – Experience cinema in French – level B1 or B2 – from 09 to 23/07 – Fridays – from 12:00 to 14:00

Load time: 06h – Investment: R$139,00

  • Ateliê Experimenting with cinema in French – level between B2 and C1 – from 10 to 24/07 – on Saturdays – from 9 am to 12 pm

Load time: 09h – Investment: R$199

  • Atelier for teenagers to improve themselves during the holidays – Teens on vacation … virtual ! – level: beginners (Level A1) – from 05 to 30/07 – 2st, 4ª and 6ª, from 5pm to 6pm

Load time: 12h – Investment: R$299

  • French Reading Workshop – Lecture – level: from B2+ – from 06 to 29/07 – 3ª and 5ª, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Load time: 12h – Investment: R$299

  • Studio – Phonetic – level: from B1 – from 05 to 28/07 – 2ª and 4ª, from 9 am to 10:30 am

Load time: 12h – Investment: R$299

  • Ateliê "Oral improvement – conversation course – A2 levels / B1” – from 05 to 28/07 – 2ª and 4ª, from 18h to 20h

Load time: 15h – Investment: R$399

  • Workshop "B1 oral improvement" – from 06 to 29/07 – 3ª and 5ª, 15h to 17h

Load time: 15h – Investment: R$399

  • Workshop "B2 / C1 oral improvement" – from 06 to 29/07 – 3ª and 5ª, from 18h to 20h

Load time: 18h – Investment: R$399





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