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Joaquim e a Escola Imaginária da Música. Photo: Disclosure.

Feeding with music: children discover the sounds of an orchestra

This week begins the program with Feeding Music Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba. There will be two daily performances for children from public schools, associations and members of the set design, musicalization, reaching about 1.800 curitibinhas and 43 institutions.

The didactic concerts, structured scenic and educational way, acontecem na Capela Santa Maria de terça-feira (2/10) to Saturday (6/6). The session is open to all interested, with tickets at R$ 30 and R $ 15 (half price) and free admission for children up 12 years (schedules below).

In addition to enabling children the knowledge and functioning of an orchestra, Feeding the program with music arouses in young students curiosity about the presented repertoire and approach the vast and rich musical universe.

The attraction of this edition is Joaquim and Imaginary Music School, under the direction of conductor Mara Campos, which is responsible for the artistic direction and conducting the show.

Joaquim and Imaginary Music School meets the following works: Spring of the Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741); It is a Soccer Match, Skank band; World of Children, Toquinho; Catira Finch, Celso Pan and Jacqueline Baumgratz; Jigsaws the cornmeal, de Abreu Zequinha; Requiem for Children, Fabricio da Rocha and Pedro Fonseca; Sabia there in the Cage, of Carmelia Alves Curvello; Screech and Duck, of Vinicius de Moraes; The Songs Of The Birds, of Clements Janequin (1485 – 1558); and Passaredo, Chico Buarque de Holanda.

"With Feeding with Music, Camerata Antiqua reaffirms commitment sociocultural, with the goal captivate new audiences, besides raising possible gifts and skills ", says classical music coordinator of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation, Janete Andrade, stressing, yet, that programming is for all ages.

The didactic concerts, promoted by the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba Curitiba Institute for art and culture, They have partnered Knowledge Lines program and the Management of Education and Culture of the Department of Professional Development of the Municipal Education.

The guests

Joaquim and Imaginary School of Music has important guests. The cast is comprised of actors paranaenses Lyon Renet (Joaquim) Giovana and Liz (passarinha Marina).

The dramaturgy and scenography are in charge of São Paulo Queiroz Rhenan, engaged in research and synthesis projects in the fields of performing and visual arts. playwright, set designer, actor and singer Maurice Vogue, who worked with the main directors of the National Theater, It is responsible for the stage direction.

The show has musical arrangements of Marcus Aurelius Koentopp.

Service: Feeding with music with the Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba
Local: Chapel Santa Maria – Espaço Cultural (Rua Laurindo Advisor, 273 - Center)
Tickets: R $ 30 and half price to R $ 15. Free for children 12 years.
Concerts for the municipal schools:
Tuesday (2/10) it's Thursday (4/10), at 9:30 am and at 10:30 am
Fourth (3/10) it's Friday (5/10), at 14.30 and at 15.30
Concert for all audiences:
Saturday (6/10), às 18h30

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