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Project tapers. Photo: Doreen Marques.

MPB Conservatory students do 31 free concerts

The end of each semester, guided by their teachers, MPB Conservatory students present the results of the work done in the classroom at Afina up Project. Presentations will be made of 23 November to 11 of december, in various cultural spaces in the city.

During the weeks, beginners and advanced students of the various instrument courses, corner and practices set, take the stage. Admission is free.

Are almost thousand students involved in 31 shows that take place mainly in the auditorium Nho Belarmino and Jacob's Square Conservatory Mandolin, as well as theaters and auditoriums Cultural Foundation, Chapel Santa Maria and alternative spaces.

Almost since the creation of the Brazilian Popular Music Conservatory in 1992, the Afina It has been growing and increasingly become more sophisticated, providing students with the necessary conditions to establish a bridge between the school and the professional musical environment, besides serving as a showcase of its pedagogical and artistic performance.

The educational profile, the event has a special structure of production, that includes the printed program apparatus, disclosure in the press, sound system, lighting and contrarregragem, In addition to specific elements used, for example, the popular singing performances, They are preparing thematic shows that include special tours, costumes, scenario and other scenic elements.


Sharpen up - MPB Conservatory Students Presentations of Curitiba - 2nd half 2018

free entry - artistic event pedagogical

23 November, sixth - 19h - Bar Restaurant The Rascal
Samba set of practice (Luis Gustavo Rolim and Moro)

28 November, fourth - 18.30 - MPB Conservatory - Hall
Guitar (Mario Conde), Trumpet (Ozeias Costa), Mandolin (Renan Bragatto)

30 November, sixth - 18.30 - MPB Conservatory - Jacob Square Mandolin
Percussion (Vina L), LEM (Cassius Menin), Harmony (Jackson Franklin, Guitar (William Fields).

30 November, sixth - 19h - Cultural Center Guido Viaro
Music set of practical Grit (Rogério Gulin).

1Th December, Saturday - 14h - MPB Conservatory - Jacob Square Mandolin
Canto Popular (Joubert Guimarães); Guitar and Viola Caipira (Rogério Gulin).

2 of december, Sunday - 11 am - MPB Conservatory - Jacob Square Mandolin
Percussion (Alex Forbes) and Popular song (Ana Cascardo)

3 December - 19h - Chapel Santa Maria
Saxophone (Raul Valente), Clarinet (Jacson Vieira), Piano for Kids (Bruna Wasem).

4 of december, Tuesday - 18:30 - MPB Conservatory - Jacob Square Mandolin
Sweet flute (Doriane Conception), Guitar (Daniel F), Battery w / Children (Edi Hardbeans).

5 of december, fourth - 18.30 - MPB conservatory - Jacob Square Bandolim
Practice of set of MPB (Lucas Melo), Canto Popular Joubert Guimarães, Guitar (Fabiano the blue-black grassquit).

6 of december, fifth - 18.30 - MPB Conservatory - Jacob Square Mandolin
accordion (Marina Camargo), Eletric bass (Marcelo Pereira), Ukulele (Jain Boemio), Practice of set of Cry (Jain Boemio and Lucas Manu).

7 of december, sixth - 18.30 - MPB Conservatory - Jacob Square Mandolin
Canto Popular (Clarissa Bruns).

11 of december, Tuesday - 18:30 - MPB Conservatory - Auditorium Nho Belarmino
Piano (Reginaldo Nascimento); Trombone (Lauro Ribeiro), Guitar (Claudio Menander), Canto Popular (Ana Cascardo).

*Programming subject to change and / or complement. More info 99183-9383


Bar Restaurant The Rascal: S. Dr. Claudino dos Santos, 90 -San Francisco. Phone 3324-9755
Arts Center Guido Viaro: S. Francisco Mota Machado, 490 - capon of Imbuia. Phone 3267-3597
Conservatory of MUSIC of Curitiba: Rua Mateus Leme, 66 -San Francisco. Phone 3321-3208
Cultural Space Chapel Santa Maria: Rua Laurindo Advisor, 273. Phone 3321-2848

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