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“Love of art and skateboard” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Mostra Sk8Art4Life-Skate Art

I have mentioned this in my profile on face, sample of polystyrene spheres, umbrellas and now shapes of skateboards, fantastic, the talents of Brazilian artists, no matter how long the road, or which tribe or class they belong, Art is art. Can make art, on a wall, in a can, imported into a canvas, on a piece of wood, paper, not matter. Art is expressed in places and objects never imagined, in a Tatoo. This is Art.

Invitation of the Event:

Love of art and skateboardShow Custom Art on shapes

A Mostra Sk8Art4Life-Skate Art, vem trazer novamente a expressão artística de vários artistas em cima dos shapes de skate. Essa mostra vem valorizar o que há muito foi esquecido pelo mercado de skate e foi se desvalorizando com o tempo no Brasil.

Essa mostra vem sendo levada adiante por FamilyArt.Br Tattoo and Familyart Br.Crew – Collective Arts, that first of all have members who ride skateboard and dig the culture surrounding skateboarding.

“We are aiming this show, become an event of future skate Fest with Mini Ramp, Bands, Live Painting and shows itself in sí.”

“We are united by only one goal: Amor à Arte e ao skateboard.”

“We have the spirit of bringing the art of skateboard surfaced again with a stamp also disclose new artists and different techniques.” – Words of Event Organisers.

The exhibition features designers, Graffiti, Illustrators, Tattooists, Artisans, Photographers and Fanzineiros on your Casting.

With a strong and meaningful partnership with the Pizzaria Piola Jardins, which is giving us space each year, can thus strengthen this event, can make it a traditional and annual event.

Some details of the shapes, that will be exposed:





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  3. "Love the Art and Skateboard" by Edmundo Cavalcanti http://t.co/4PVpkDEjRL

  4. "Love the Art and Skateboard" by Edmundo Cavalcanti http://t.co/6odaQX04Py

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