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Angela Fakir

Reporting of trajectory: Always drawn. But the perception that the doodles, as I like to call my drawings, might have an artistic value has recently emerged after I started posting them in a blog in 2013 and see that the few people requesting works of illustration and responded positively what published.

Draw for me is something that relates essentially the expression of emotions, concepts and ideas. So all and all that somehow awaken in me a feeling or thought end up influencing the development of the work, especially readings and people who reach a place protected by masks and layers that we're learning to use.

The perception that the modern way of life deprives man of freedom is something that permeates my artistic practice, and also in a way something that drives the Act of drawing. This way of expression denounces and sana a little the thirst for freedom that I have. I think that art has this capability, to denounce evils and remedy needs that sometimes we don't even know name. It's like voicing things that are recondite us us. A voice that can be done soft cry, averse to taxes and bonds.

Recent work carried out

First Semester 2015:

10 to 31 March / Exhibition Shadows and Lights of the feminine held at City Hall in Maringá in Paraná;

20 to 22 de Mayo / Exhibition Shadows and female lights held during the II International Congress of researchers and professionals of Social education, on the campus of the Universidade estadual de Maringá (EMU).

Second Semester 2015:

08 July: Conclusion illustration work for the master thesis in psychology the disease on the sidelines: building sense of quality of life with chronic renal patients in hemodialysis, Elisa Fernanda Aymoré Ladaga;

20 August: Home extension design Perspectives: the culture of the indigenous child childhood, in which I will act developing the illustrations of children's books made from the look and speech of indigenous children. The project in question will be developed by Universidade Estadual De Maringá in partnership with educational institutions of the city of Ponta Porã MS;

25 September: Conclusion of work organization and illustration of the book of short stories written by childish Fantasy factory, Manufacturing design Fantasies, developed in Anglo school MAPPE;

05 to 30 October: Children's illustrations show Scribbles for children Held at the Municipal Library Bento Munhoz da Rocha, in Maringá PR;

08 of October: Conclusion of work organization and illustration of the book of short stories written by children and All Our Tale, the project play Read, developed the Municipal Garden Ivone Polo school;

05 Nov: Receiving congratulatory votes issued by the City Council for the development of the project play read at escola Municipal Garden Ivone.


04 to 08 April: Shows Scream Inside Out, held at Maxwell space Cunha Lima, Senate, Brasilia DF;

07 of June: Launch of the book of short stories written by children and Youth All Our Tale, at the Convention Center in San Diego MS;

25 June: Participation in the program "My Mato Grosso Do Sul", broadcasted by TV Morena , Affiliated of rede Globo in the State.


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