Angela Gomes

Ângela Gomes é Artista Plástica.

Angela Gomes is an artist.

Angela Gomes

Expressed in naïve painting, the your love through the Holy Spirit. Since small, I've struggled to help their parents in the family budget: selling flowers and vegetables harvested in the backyard of the House, and crochets and embroideries produced by your mom. Born in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim-ES. Was born in 1953, from a modest family; This is the second of the three brothers: Irenaeus, Ediones and Jacqueline. At the age of three, accompanying parents Caecilius Mendes de Vasconcellos (Merchant) and Khalilah Deuzelina de Vasconcellos next to brother (Firstborn), Ibrahim M. Vakil. They moved to the neighborhood of Jardim América – Cariacica-ES and years later, came to Vila Velha – ES, where they reside to this day. Young girl, one day, was playing in the backyard of the House, After a long night of storm.

The wind spread the sand, and that's about it, using a toothpick, Popsicle, that started his first artistic traces: designed a car (Fusca) that was parked in front of the House. The wealth of details impressed her and increased the your fascination for colors. The art was inherent in it and early on your vision for the world if enhanced festively, dreamy and happy.

I've loved the neighbors and classmates with your artistic skills, live with color pencil, drawing for the student class; I'd love to do montages and collages with clippings from magazines, stamped fabric, all natural and intuitive way. His first oil painting on canvas was by ordering your aunt Sonia Rosalém, at the time, with its nine years of age. Dawn to the Naïf, When entered in a course to learn the technique of paint and the knowledge of the material to be used. Produced several screens and kept them along with the dream and the artistic desire. Needed to continue to study and work to help their parents in the family budget. In 1973 interrupts his studies and work to marry Darci Gomes, father of his three children, Kheytte, Kleiverson and Trinh. With the children even little ones, autodidact, starts venturing into uncertain paths in art, apparently contradictory, traverses the space that goes from the classic landscape, the surrealist tendencies and abstracionistas.

Ângela Gomes é Artista Plástica.In 1981, perform your first individual, in the alternative arts space, in Escelsa, in Costa Pereira Square, Victory Center – ES, family, friends and neighbors were invited and nobody appeared there, beyond, Kene, (still in your womb) and the photographer hired. But what was to be a cause for withdrawal turned into incentive to continue, fight and win; the lack of family support, the social prejudice and discredit Pro, continued until set around 1987, by naïve painting after rapid coexistence with Raquel Galena, painter of genre, in Embu das artes in São Paulo. This path was in fact, the lone self-taught learning your headstrong and curious. It was a restless research process, brooding over doubts and uncertainties, While not defined in the magical discovery of artistic expression. At the beginning of your learning was influenced by Celina Rodrigues, who confesses to be a great admirer and having her Artistic Mother.

Traveled a lot for the State of Espírito Santo, depicting the spot the beautiful landscapes artists. But if you look quickly felt it takes, find it is essential. Changed your procedure with the discovery of naïve painting, He remained with the same fascination for regional landscapes and scenes which express the art and popular tradition-the people, their usages and customs. Starts to get elements to fuel your iconographic universe, through research in the community.

His paintings are the result of things seen and felt, Once everything is transmuted by the nature of your dream optimistic, uses pure colors and varied, having an accurate technique and enough security to deal with the same preciousness, all areas of the picture, regarding the composition of details. His canvases are a cleaning and clarity that make it to suggest to the observer, that's been washed after the end.

It is quite daring in employment of colors. The will and the self-denial in love with dedicated to painting, print on your immense production and poses as true art worker. Angela Gomes is serious and joyful, the art is more than a pleasure, a vital need, an act of faith and says.

"My victory is a victory for the Holy Spirit is the city that welcomed me and designed as an artist. The Holy Spirit is the State that promotes your creation. Victory is the victory of their daily struggles. Espírito Santo, person of the Holy Trinity, that through Jesus Christ, is the divine source of your Inspiration ".

Soltando Pipa em Dia de Missa na Basilica de St Antonio - Vitoria - ES - Brasil.

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