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Learn how to set up a functional gourmet area

Want to know how to create a gourmet area functional in your home? Above all, this is an environment that has a structure similar to a kitchen, but with a different objective and elements.

In other words, the gourmet area is basically a corner designed in an external area that accommodates a barbecue and pizza oven, plus other extras like hamburger plates, coffee machines, beer and wine cellar coolers, etc.

Everything to experience relaxed moments, welcoming friends and family to share meals and snacks in a special outdoor area of ​​the house.

What about the functional term, means being able to move flexibly without running the risk of bumping into various objects, being important not only in a gourmet area, but also in a paving company or any other type of company.

The lack of functionality is a difficulty of locomotion in the environment and occurs mainly in very modern houses where the purpose of the furniture is more aesthetic than habitable to support the environment.

However, design a functional gourmet area in a house does not necessarily mean that fewer elements are better., or placing objects against the walls, means making choices that create a harmonious and comfortable environment.

And yet with all the necessary elements to complete the entire space in a way that provides lightness and comfort to the entire space.. That said, requires strategy and a lot of creativity.

Therefore, to set up a functional gourmet space it is also necessary to think about the whole issue of interior design, architectural renovation and purchase of a machine floor washer, since, on barbecue days it will be a hand on the wheel.

Therefore, if you really want to know how to set up your functional gourmet area, keep reading and check out these tips below!

What aspects of a functional gourmet space?

Before going to the actual tips for you to start setting up your functional gourmet space, let's first highlight the aspects of a space like this.

It is true that this is a space for leisure, you eat and drink, and a lot of fun, therefore it is a space that must go beyond aesthetics and consider comfort and harmony between the elements that compose it.

In other words, good sunlight with photovoltaic system installation, nice weather, high quality crockery and good visualization of objects.

Therefore, there are several aspects to consider for a functional gourmet area. In short, the space must:

  • Adapt to the host's lifestyle;
  • Be well lit and well ventilated;
  • Consume energy sustainably;
  • Have simple and ecological furniture.

The result will be a super cozy and relaxing functional gourmet space to provide comfort to all who will enjoy the space..

Now let's see the tips in more detail so that you can start creating your own.. See the tips below:

Start by analyzing the available space

this seems obvious, but it is critical to first carefully assess the available space.

Be on the outside of the house, on the balcony of an apartment or on a slab of a network cabling company, the available size allows construction professionals to reconcile the host's shared brief with the reality of the site.

The concept of functional gourmet space can be applied both in a larger environment and in a smaller environment.

But for that, it is first necessary to have this analytical vision that allows a consensus on the real behavior of the place so as not to affect circulation or make the use of space unfeasible..

After all, we are talking about a space that also has the proposal to be functional.

Therefore, choose the best type of barbecue and the best table for meals, as well as paying attention to the details, make the gourmet space on the balcony a true oasis of relaxation and relaxation.

Among the points of attention listed by architects in general for a space like this is the height of the food preparation benches, that can facilitate the work of residents and chefs hired to prepare dishes.

At the same time, the area needs to be furnished with side tables, high stools, sofas or benches to promote maximum comfort during meals and even relax for hours.

Who wouldn't want to sit on the gourmet porch and have a glass of wine after a tiring day??

After all, even if it is a space always designed to receive friends and family, residents can enjoy moments like this and enjoy the atmosphere at home.

Functional concept in pizza ovens and grills

In the functional gourmet area, two elements appear as protagonists: the barbecue and the pizza oven.

The decision to unify depends on the client's will, of the existing infrastructure, as well as the definition of models of ovens and grills.

Choosing a traditional format, with firewood or charcoal, up to the latest version, like gas or electric, will depend on the character of the property.

Bearing in mind that, just as it is essential to use PPE seat belt in renovations and civil constructions, it is essential to have fire extinguishers with adequate validity and other safety equipment in a gourmet area.

but in fact, talking about functionality, electric and multifunctional models are the best suited to create this gourmet area with a functional concept in the space.

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In an apartment, just as it is essential to have addressable fire alarm on every floor, before choosing the oven, it is necessary to check the presence of the air outlet and follow the rules of the apartment.

Legal compliance actually prioritizes the use of portable and electric versions, as smoke can make neighbors uncomfortable.

Think about furniture ergonomics

Ergonomics is key to functionality in any environment, and it would not be different for the functional gourmet area. Therefore, if you really want to create this leisure environment in a super functional way, it's time to start the ergonomics process.

Start modifying the furniture, choosing the most comfortable ones possible and mainly that have multipurpose. In other words, racks that turn tables, shelves that become countertops, etc.

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Many can be easily found on the internet and international stores., it is necessary to investigate the Import declaration from the company that wants to buy the furniture. But there are also many functional furniture stores here in Brazil.

In addition, the mini sofas, as well as the snack table and armchairs, must be ergonomic and comfortable for you and all guests.

think about the weather

The climate is also part of the functionality of a gourmet space.. Therefore, also focus on the best way to provide a pleasant climate.

In other words, there are several types of air conditioners for environments such as balconies and outdoor areas, as mobile fans, split air conditioning, etc.

Choose your favorite in this regard, but do not forget to think about the air conditioning of the space, as this also adds the functionality.

space lighting

Dark environments can affect the functionality of the space and cause discomfort. Therefore, focus on lighting your gourmet space as a way to improve functionality.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, natural light through solar energy is a very important and considerable option.

On the other hand, obviously, when it gets dark, it's good to have good lights of sufficient intensity. For this, you can use suitable LED lighting for external environments and gourmet space.

In addition, you might consider painting the space a light color like white to bring more light into the room.

do a deep clean

Regardless of the environment, clutter is a huge distraction and not functional at all. Especially in this gourmet area, disorganization and the large number of things and objects can greatly affect the functionality of the environment.

Therefore, even if you are one paper bag supplier and need to store some material in the space intended for the gourmet area, certainly with organization it will not affect the environment at all.

A little trick is to buy organizing drawers to store materials and objects that are important.

You can also consider elements such as organizer boxes, shelves, armchairs with storage chests and everything that can make the environment visually cleaner to improve functionality.

In addition, spend a weekend cleaning up all your free time clutter, Throwing away things you no longer use and tidying up everything that interferes with the environment will help to harmoniously optimize your gourmet space..

Final Considerations

No doubt, with all these tips given in this article, you can start assembling your super cozy and special functional gourmet space.

You can hire a professional if necessary., as a decorator or an architect, but if you want something simpler, just following the tips discussed here will be enough to set up a nice space to share good times with people.

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