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Arlette Kalaigian inaugurates ‘Where the river meets the sea’ with references to the body and landscapes

Casa Contemporânea presents the first solo exhibition by the painter, artist and researcher Arlette Kalaigian, which gathers around 40 works, curated by Rejane Cintrão. Where the river meets the sea gather paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations realized in the last six years of intense production. The vernissage takes place on Saturday (19/11), from 11:00 to 5:00 pm, in the gallery Casa Contemporânea – Captain Macedo Street 470, Vila Mariana, São Paulo.

The work of Where the river meets the sea are displayed in four rooms: ace series Body Landscape, From Colors to Sunset and the painting Suburban Port occupy the room to the right of the house's entrance and were chosen for their many shades of blue, obtained by mixing different colors, in which images that suggest female bodies, can, also, be seen as landscapes.

in this same room, lies the painting Rain (2016), the oldest in exhibition. The central area of ​​the House houses works in reddish tones., of various techniques, installed around the stairs connecting the ground floor to the upper floor, alluding to the inside of our body.

In the room to the left of the entrance, jobs are found in black, White and gray, inspired by stones, elements of nature used as landmarks of territories and in the construction of houses since the dawn of humanity, but, also, as a therapeutic resource in spiritual healing.

From them, comes the title that the exhibition borrows: Where the river meets the sea, envisioned by the artist after a recent trip to Florianópolis. It is important to emphasize that the poetic titles of the works are part of the work and should not go unnoticed..

the last room, located on the top floor of the house, houses the series of paintings on linen made recently, that we only inhabit?,  Not everything is what it seems to be, and Roughness. on the central wall, the series painting whole (2019), whose amoeboid forms that gave rise to all the others installed in the exhibition, close or restart this cycle of passage through the life and work of the artist. The most recent work is located on the outside of the house, and it is seen when we enter or leave it, revealing, in a very personal and exciting way, your body and your life.

The exhibition is a small selection based on extensive and fruitful research by Arlette Kalaigian on the manufacture of pigments and materials used in her work over the last few years, with her body as the protagonist., and her story as a Brazilian woman of Armenian descent as a background.

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All these questions are addressed in his poetically, either by titles, either by the shapes and colors that occupy the space of Casa Contemporânea, artist's territory during the exhibition period.

Arlette Kalaigian – Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mackenzie University and researcher. The internal and external images of the body are the central theme of my investigations into paintings., sculptures, installations and drawings. Anatomy book references, images observed in nature and images researched on the internet of blood slides to develop his work that simulates textures, colors and shapes, with the intention of addressing questions about human nature, portraying the bodies we inhabit and the relationships experienced in contemporary times.

He participated and still is part of several study groups with Rejane Cintrão, Julia Lima and Bruno Novaes, Paul Gallina, Nancy Betts and Márcio Harum. He was part of the First Artist Training Program, with curators and advisors like at Casa Tato (2020). Participated in group exhibitions in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Milan.

Contemporary House – There are 13 years, Casa Contemporânea is a multidisciplinary space that holds exhibitions, meetings and debates on art and related subjects. Conceived by Marcia Gadioli, visual artist, and by Marcelo Salles, architect and curator, It is housed in a townhouse from the 1990s. 1940 who, with occasional adaptations, turned into a gallery for contemporary art exhibitions and commercialization, in addition to an atelier aimed at discussion and study groups, providing the complementation of the formation of visual artists.

The concept that guides the space was the typical contemporary crossover in a cozy and relaxed environment where people feel at home.. A place to discuss, see and think.

Where the river meets the sea, exhibition by Arlette Kalaigian
Opening: Saturday, 19/11, from 11:00 to 5:00 pm
Visitation: 22/11 to 17/12; Tuesday to Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm, and Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm
Local: Contemporary House – Captain Macedo Street 470, Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP

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