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Exhibition "Resistance: the mutant science of existence ", Arnaldo Dias Baptista individual. Photo: Henry Queiroga.
Exhibition "Resistance: the mutant science of existence ", Arnaldo Dias Baptista individual. Photo: Henry Queiroga.

Arnaldo Dias Baptista presents Unprecedented Exposure on the Ponteio Lar Shopping in Belo Horizonte (17/8)

Solo exhibition "resistance: the mutant science of existence "brings together paintings from ex-mutante, that now is dedicated entirely to plastic arts. From 17 august to 17 September, with free admission.

After three solo exhibitions in São Paulo, "Magnetic Lens" (2012), "Exorealismo" (2014), both Emma Thomas Gallery, and the occupation "Transmigration" Cultural São Paulo (2016), the ex-mutante Arnaldo Dias Baptista comes to Belo Horizonte for the first time with the exhibition "resistance: the mutant science of existence ", in Blessing M Arts Gallery, at Ponteio Lar Shopping. The curator is Fabiana Figueiredo. A long-awaited opportunity for fans and admirers of Arnaldo in the State capital. The artist will attend the projects right foot and art Showcase, designed by the curator of the Gallery Wagner Nardy, occupying them simultaneously.

Multidisciplinary artist, Arnaldo Dias Baptista is also expressed through Visual Arts and writing. He began to devote himself to drawings, collages and paintings from 1982 spontaneously and experimental, with emphasis on great imagination.

Investigates and re-means all subjects that will permeate with total freedom: physical theories, behavioral, psychedelia, etymology, Theology, Erotica, popular culture and especially, musical. Through the figurative, the artist presents political issues, social, eco-culture, metaphysical and existential.

The language comes from a pictorial and symbolic universe Rico, uncensored, so that each work, the Viewer is invited to meet some of its facets mutants: the ironic, the transcendental, the melancholy or the playful. Relating to music, poetry, the writing, the painting, the design and performance, Arnaldo and your universe polyphonic reverberates a few generations, as one of the greatest representatives of national counter-culture.

Guest Curator

Fabiana Figueiredo (Belo Horizonte, 1964)

Photographer, Editor and curator, Fabiana Figueiredo founded, in 2014, with her husband Pierre Devin, the SENSIBLE editions, dedicated to art books limited edition, signed and numbered, along with Mission Lance Ventoux, VLT, a reflection on copyright a specific territory. During 20 years Fabiana was coordinator of the ANTHROPOLOGIST – Core of Friends of photography, responsible for the International Month of photography, International Biennial in São Paulo. As a photographer, held various social work, as "the Night of Sao Paulo", "Palestine", "Migrances", among others. Your photos today are seen in the Bibliotheque National de Paris, MASP Pirelli collection.

Arnaldo Dias Baptista

Born in 1948, in São Paulo, pianist and composer mother Clarisse Leite Dias Baptista – and father, poet and journalist – Cesar Dias Baptista. He was a founder of the mutants, that was part of the Tropicalism. The original lineup, from 1968 to 1972, in São Paulo, featured Arnaldo Baptista (low, keyboard and vocals), Rita Lee (vocals) and Sérgio Dias (guitar and vocals). Later, also participated in the band Liminha (low) and Dinho Leme (battery).

From 1982, passes to concentrate harder to Visual Arts. Since this period, participates in some art exhibitions and musical projects as the press conference "Give Peace a Chance" (2001), in tribute to John Lennon. In 1987, launches the cult album "flying saucer", result of musical drafts of this period. In 2004, It's time to "Let it Bed", produced by John Ulhoa and Mojo magazine listed among the top 10 releases of the year. Between 2006/07, participates in the meeting of the mutants, in London, at an event dedicated to Tropicalia. Play and sing on tour in Europe, United States and Brazil in concerts for up to 80 thousand people. In 2007, resumes solo career.

The life and works of Arnaldo Baptista is reported in the documentary Loki! Arnaldo Baptista " (2008), with Brazil and Channel production directed by Paulo Henrique Fontenelle, who received 14 prizes in Brazil and abroad. In the same year, editora Rocco launches novel "Rebelde Among the rebels", written in the 1980. In 2012 and 2014, performs solo exhibitions at Galeria Emma Thomas, in São Paulo. His canvases and drawings serve as a video backdrop for the shows of "Sarau Benedito?”, that comes circling since 2011 for important stages and events in Brazil, including the Virada Cultural in São Paulo Municipal Theater, MIMO/Teatro de Santa Isabel and the Sesc São Paulo and inner circuit of music.

In 2013/14, with some of the albums for more than 30 years out of print in physical format, comes to the digital world the entire solo works of Arnaldo, available on iTunes, CDBaby and streams services like Spotify and Deezer. In 2015 the main physical stores in the country receive CD box with the anthologies "Loki albums?” (1974), "Singin' Alone" (1981), "Let It Bed" (2004) and both Arnaldo Baptista & The space patrol: "Missing Link +" (1988), with five bonus tracks, and ' do Uma Noitada Excelente " (1988) in live version. In 2017, the Polysom launches album "Loki?"on vinyl 180 grams.


Exhibition "Resistance: the mutant science of existence ", Arnaldo Dias Baptista individual
Date: 17 august to 17 September
Local: Khalid M Arts Gallery
Ponteio Lar ShoppingBR 356, 2500, Shop 218, 2the floor, Santa Lucia, BELO HORIZONTE-MG
Visitation: Monday to Sunday
Time: Monday to Saturday, 10h to 10:0 pm, Sundays and holidays, 14h to 20h
Free entry

Access for people with disabilities

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