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Leandro Machado - Award French Alliance of Porto Alegre. Photo: Fabio Alt.

WAY OF ARCHEOLOGY, Leandro Machado, arrives in France

Visual artist It presents the exhibition photos and book namesakes in La Rochelle from 8 March, with funding from SEDACTEL No. 26/2017 Notice Contest "Pro-culture RS FAC # juntospelacultura_2"

The project LEANDRO MACHADO - Path Archeology, who began his national / international traffic in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil (from 8 th December 2018 to 16 February 2019), now goes to France. The next day 8 March, Friday, a partir the 18h, will the opening of the photo exhibition and book relaunch, no Centre Intermondes, in La Rochelle.

On this day, for distribution of the book with autograph session and a chat about the creative process with the audience. The idea of ​​the project Archeology Path emerged from the artist's travels in peripheral places of the state Capital. "It seems that people of the city are only those that circulate by the Center, Lesser Town and Windmills. Porto Alegre is so broad, only, powerful! They are peripheral places, but - at the same time - other centers. I went to places unknown and only knew the name. I found another Porto Alegre, sometimes even more beautiful than we know ", says Leandro.

A curadora Martina Weissgerber define: "His photographs are a memorial roaming the identity of the man in any landscape, taken daily during a pilgrim. Leandro work becomes even more significant in the current political situation in Brazil: archeology the way is an artistic study of the remains of a civilization in danger of disappearing ".

The exhibition Archeology Path is located in La Rochelle until 22 March, with free entry, and brings about 20 photos revealing a different Porto Alegre, descontruída authentic and by the look of the visual artist, who, along with Paulo Correa Photographer, toured several neighborhoods gauchos registering buildings, landscapes, everyday situations and people who live in these regions.

The executive production is Sabina Stephanou, da Stephanou Cultural, and the project is carried out with funds from the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul State through PROCULTURA RS FAC - Cultural Support Fund.

The project was first presented in 2016, Atelier in Jabutipê, at the time Fumproarte funded by the Municipal Department of Culture of Porto Alegre.

After the events in cities Rio de Janeiro, La Rochelle and Montevideo, the project returns to its birthplace of origin, Porto Alegre, no of Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC/RS), to present the proposal again Archeology Path and the experiences that the artist experienced in these new stops. The forecast is closing August 2019.

Meet visual artist Leandro Machado:

Gaucho Porto Alegre, a BA in Visual Arts - Painting enabling the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and has Degree in Art Education from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Held the following solo exhibitions: Schematic drawings, Look gifts, Otá or when the stone does not know it's statue. He was winner of the 1st Prize of Contemporary Art of the French Alliance of Porto Alegre.

Leandro Machado - Path Archeology
Free event with distribution of books, chat with the artist Leandro Machado and autograph session
Date: 8 March (Friday), a partir the 18h
Local: Intermondes Center, – 11 bis rue des Augustins in La Rochelle / 17000, France.
Visitation: from 8 to 22 March 2019


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On the publication and exhibition:
Title: Leandro Machado - Path Archeology
Artist: Leandro Machado

Financing: SEDACTEL – Pro-culture RS FAC
Production: Stephanou Cultural
Photographer: Paulo Correa
Curator: Antônio Augusto Good
Gin Amazon
Cato from Carambola
Cachaça Chica
Intermondes Center
Contact Accounting
graphic Odyssey
Major Tom – Photo Gallery

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