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Ana Augusta Silveira. Photo: Disclosure.

“Sun claves Art” by NUI ART

The exhibition, “Sun claves Art”, with the participation of 28 artists of the new generation of top talent in the visual arts of the Brazilian scene, who will be exhibiting their work. Cooperation with the art gallery Art Nui in Barcelona, curated by Angela Oliveira and with the support of Brazil Calling Festival and the Brazilian Embassy in Vienna.


Adriano J. Bassegio
Mariangela Peixoto Rector
Mari Quarentei
Marlus Padovan
Fe Receive
Lana Bittencourt
Silvaney Vasconcelos
Francisco Antunes
Edna Carla Stradioto
Helena Cocentino
Pamela Munhoz
Wanessa Prado Mendes
Regina Moraes
Carlos André Moreira
Angela Falcometa
Leticia Moretzsohn
Tarcila range
Mauro Marques Kersul
Danilo Borges
Marcelo Horta
Henrique Vieira Filho
Cris Picerni
Ana Augusta Silveira
Amaury Santos
Zelia Mendonça
Eliana Carvalho
Rafael Zafalon
Antonio Filipak
Telma Falck
Mariana San Martin

Source: Brazil Calling.

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