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Galen Jr. Photo: Disclosure.

Art at the fair presents the musician Galen Jr. with ethnic percussion instruments

The presentation of percussive instruments of various ethnic cultures is the lure of the "art at the fair", with the musician and multi-instrumentalist Galen Jr, This Tuesday (19/09). The show "Roots Effects" will be on stage from San Marco Square, on Via Veneto, in Santa Felicidade, a partir the 19h.

The musician will show to the public instruments such as, the didgeridoo (Australian), Dan moi (Vietnamese), fujara (Slovene) and flute hu-lu- SI (Chinese). On occasion, the artist will explain the origins, peculiarities, techniques and different ways of how to play them.

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Galen Jr. is percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and researcher of ethnic instruments with participation and cultural presentations involving numerous threads, dance, theater, children's presentations, Convention members, fairy tales stories, social projects, research and visits to indigenous villages.

The action is an initiative of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, em parceria com a Administração Regional Santa Felicidade e Secretaria Municipal do Abastecimento. De acordo com Luciano Kampf, the art and culture of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba the Santa Felicidade, the project aims to promote the Regional trade fair goers of quality entertainment, approach the local culture of the other artistic events of the city and create opportunities to artists of the region the disclosure of your work.

The project

The "Art at the fair "is the result of conversations with the population on the need to show other cultures in the city, as well as enhance the local culture. With monthly periodicity, fair goers have the opportunity to attend a free Regional cultural presentation.

The choice of Saint Mark's Square, located in front of the Terminal at Santa Felicidade, during the fair was motivated by being a very traditional event in the region and already have received cultural attractions, the example of theatrical spectacles of the Festival of Curitiba.

In addition to guaranteed public, Piazza San Marco features a stage structure, power points, public lighting and easy access, which makes it very attractive for cultural activities.


Art at the fair – Roots Effects, with the researcher and percussionist Galen Jr.
Local: Piazza San Marco, Via Veneto (in front of the Terminal at Santa Felicidade)
Date: 19 September 2017
Time: 18h

Free event


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