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ArtExpo Summer Rome. Photo: Disclosure.

ArtExpo Summer Rome − International Art Exhibition in Rome (Italy)

14 day exhibition open every day until 22 hrs!

ArtExpo Summer Rome − International Art Exhibition in Rome (Italy)
from 2 June 2017 until 15 June 2017

Vernissage Friday 2 June, to 6 p. m. in the prestigious location of Domus Romana Art Gallery Via Quattro Fontane, 113 00184 Rome

Situated in one of the most beautiful areas in Rome between Piazza di Spagna and Fontana di Trevi in Rome's historic centre.

Open from 15:00 to 22:00 hrs every day of the week!

event organized by Artists in the World Events


in collaboration with the event Eudaimonia


Artists of all nationalities are selected for ArtExpo Summer Rome

The theme is free. "ArtExpo Summer Rome” lens artists working with all forms of visual art:

Painting, sculpture, photography, digital, graphics, engravings; of any nationality and any religious belief, regardless of age and sex, working in any artistic field.

All requests must be received until 12 of May 2017.
Begin to communicate the result of selections from 2 de Mayo, 2017.

ArtExpo Summer Rome. Foto: Divulgação.

ArtExpo Summer Rome. Photo: Disclosure.


Art. 1 Who can participate.

Artists of all nationalities and religious beliefs, regardless of age and sex.

Art. 2 Target Participants

The theme is free. “ArtExpo Summer Rome” aimed at artists working in all forms of Visual Arts:
Painting, sculpture, photography, digital, graphics, engravings.

Art. 3 How to participate

To participate in the selection, You must go to the link to this page:


Enter successfully the requested information in the spaces provided (those who have “*” are required) and attach the photo (Click on the photo by clicking “Search for” , and then click “upload”) to confirm the data entered, Click “Save”.

You can participate in the selection with only a work of art whose size including any edge or frame (but it is not necessary is OK to expose only the screen or edge) does not exceed the total size of 80 cm width x height 80 cm.

The sculptures will not exceed any of the following measures: Base cm. 50 x 50, cm high. 70, Kg. 35 weight.

The use of glass is a bad idea and will not be refunded the cost of the glass in case of breakage.

We do not accept any responsibility for the failure of the site or email, in case of problems to complete, write to selezioni@artintheworld.net

Art. 4 Selection

Selected artists will be distinguished by originality and expressive quality.

Each artist can display only a work of art based on the size mentioned in the article 2.

No fee is required to participate in the selection. The artists selected to confirm your participation in the exhibition are requested to pay a participation fee of 110 euro.

For artists who are already present in our website, the participation rate is only 99 euros instead of 110 euro.

The fee allows the artist has the following facilities:

  • 1 copy of the ART exhibition CATALOG (any other more on request and for a fee)
  • Opening cocktail (wine and Buffet)
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Invitations and communication by mailing list 55.000 contacts
  • Insert in sites of artistic events
  • Graphic design of advertising material and distribution
  • 5.000 flyers and posters
  • Guardians
  • Sales assistance
  • Pre submission of video artists (visible on the network)
  • Inaugural video Vernissage (visible on the network)
  • Photos of the event available online

The artist can sell your work during exposure to price he shall determine and, in case of sale, no percentage is required by art gallery.

The selected artists who do not pay the participation fee will be excluded from the event and other artists will be invited to select later.

Art. 5 Presentation of the Selected works of art

The selected artists will be asked by the original work packed to perfection, in the package will have to write “ArtExpo Summer Rome”, In addition to your name / last name. The artwork must be received before 29 May 2017 (may be sent or delivered in person) in the address in Rome that will be communicated after the selection is complete. The works of art sent by mail will be accepted only with the costs and risks incurred by the participant, for both sending and entry to the return (return).


Only outside Europe: We must receive the works "DUTY FREE/PAID-Custom Cleared".

Art. 6 Return of works of art

Is it possible to get directly the work at no charge at the address in Rome that will be communicated once the selection is complete.

It is also possible to have the artwork sent back at the expense of the artist by our reliable mail (other messengers are not accepted).

Art. 7 Legal Notice

The organizers, Despite the utmost care with the works received, assume no liability for any transport damage, adulteration, fire, theft or other causes during the exposure period, storage, exhibition and stock.

Art. 8 Acceptance of Terms

The artist guarantees the originality of the artwork and participating in the exhibition “ArtExpo Summer Rome” accepts implicitly all the rules contained in this announcement and declares to agree with the requirements of the application form.

The participant declares to have read these rules and accept them in all their points and authorizes the use of personal data in accordance with Italian law 193/2003 and the publication of works of art in catalogues or printed papers, electronic databases, publications on websites for the purpose of specialized press.

On the upper floor there are some panels (200 cm height x 150 cm) that can be used for a solo exhibition during Summer ArtExpo Rome, Please write for details of cost and reservation for news@artintheworld.net.

Event organized by Artists in the World Events Angelo Ribezzi


Artists in the World Events. Divulgação.

Artists in the World Events. Disclosure.

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