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Work of Krrish Almeida. Photo: Disclosure.

ARTICLE River 2016

Between the days 17 and 20 Nov, the river receives Visual arts fair
with a focus on the broader market, a new space in Barra da Tijuca.

The ARTICLE River, in its fourth edition, opens to a new audience in Rio de Janeiro, and happens in Barra da Tijuca, in a new venture-the Vogue Square, a luxury Mall, bringing together, a gastronomic Center curated by Ricardo Amaral, an event of Casa Cor-Vogue Gourmet, a hotel by Lenny Niemeyer with the Convention Centre and a fitness club, with tennis courts and the newest Bodytech customer, responsible.

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The fair will be held from 17 and 20 Nov, with preview to invited day 16, on wednesday, gathering about of 15 national and foreign galleries, with the return of the porteña-Switzerland C-Art, the French Navarro Art Contemporain (Monaco), Besides the Fortress (NY) and the German Essenz, have participants from previous editions, in Vogue Square Life Experience, the new prime product of Construtora Sidewalk, located at Av. of the Americas, n. 8585.

Vogue Square.

Square Vogue.

Produced by Alexandre Murucci, the exhibition proposes a new market dynamics, focusing on art with values more accessible as basic business profile, aimed at formation of new collectors and consumers, In addition to allowing space for young artists and new galleries, with works from R$ 500,00, being that 40% the work exposed to R$ 5.000,00 and the rest in free values.

Even with a focus on affordable art, the fair brings jobs little seen in the market, as the work "Cadeau" by Man Ray or a silkscreen of Mondrian, edited by iconic French gallerist Denise René, In addition to Jeff Koons, Los Carpinteros, Irene Mir, Gilbert and George. Among Brazilians, works by Vik Muniz, Adriana Varejao, Gerchmann or Anna Maria Maiolino, are also present as well as names that consolidates as Osvaldo Gaia, Tulio Pinto, Sang, Nedim, Alexandre Monteiro or Regina Cabral de Mello.

Obra de Vik Muniz. Foto: Divulgação.

Work of Vik Muniz. Photo: Disclosure.

This year, the ARTICLE River brings another innovation – the ARTICLE Pop Up, with the permanence of the galleries throughout the month of Nov/Dec, and a schedule of seminars and workshops, in Forum Article, (below) with the presence of artists, collectors, curators and restorers who will give tips on how to care for and care for collections of various formats.

Performances and installations are also planned. The Catalan artist Sergi Arbusà, Penique collective Productions, will create an installation, Vista in Europe and where the audience can interact in a huge inflatable space. Other European, the Austrian Manfred Kielnhofer also shows a facility with their "Time Guardians" and the artist Rafael paranse Bqueer, with his performance "Alice au Limoges !”.

Obra de Antonio Bokel. Foto: Divulgação.

Work of Antonio Bokel. Photo: Disclosure.

In addition, because it is a lifestyle shopping, the ARTICLE brings the look of the creators, showing Jewelry by Yara Figueiredo and the Mameluke Design furniture, by Nuno Franco and Alessandra Clark, that made success in the last Venice Architecture Biennale.

Focusing on an audience in an area where the greater purchasing power of the river, the new edition of ARTICLE River 2016 expect to receive 20 1000 visitors during the event, with the novelty of the galleries occupy stores inside the Mall and not stands, What will surely be a differential.

Obra de Manfred Kielnhofer. Foto: Divulgação.

The work of Manfred Kielnhofer. Photo: Disclosure.


C-Art Gallery (B. Aires)
Contemporary Ernani
Gallery East

Hashtag Gallery

Fortress (NY)
Essenz Galerie (Dusseldorf)

Luiz Fernando Lacson art gallery (Salvador)
Marcia Zoé Art Office

Navarro Art Contemporain (Monaco)

NMO Arts
H. Rock Art Gallery

Pixel Art

Simone Cadinelli Art Office

W. Jung Gallery


ARTICLE River Contemporary art fair

Opening for guests: 16 Nov, to 18:00h
Event for public: from 17 to 20 Nov
Pop-up ITEM: from 17th November to 30 December
Local: Av. of the Americas, 8585 (BRT Station-Santa Monica Gardens)
Timetables: from Wednesday to Sunday, from 13:00 to 22:00 / Sat. from 10:00 to 22:00h

On-site parking


Convite ARTIGO Rio 2016. Divulgação.

Invitation ARTICLE River 2016. Disclosure.

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