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The work of Fernando Aquino. Photo: Disclosure.

Artist Fernando Aquino and collector Marcelo Savio open exhibitions in Pin Gallery – 11 March


Title of the exhibition: Cortex
Local: Pin Gallery – Room A
Artist: Fernando Aquino

Title of the exhibition: Circuit – Exhibition cycle on collecting
Local: Pin – Room Gallery TWO
Collector: Marcelo Savio

Pin Gallery CLN 103 Block B store 66.
Opening Saturday 11 March at 18h.
On display until the day 01 April.
Visitation – Thursday and Friday- 14:30h to 6:00 pm
Saturday 15 at 8:0 pm
Free entry.
Information: alfinetegaleria.com.br


Fernando Aquino

The exhibition "cortex" is presenting a selection of four works of Studio produced over the last year. The timing of this crop that is, moreover, just a picture perception originating, witness a combat condition and exhaustion with the design discipline, and therefore, order exercises, symmetry and limit.

Obra de Fernando Aquino. Foto: Divulgação.

The work of Fernando Aquino. Photo: Disclosure.

For the project, the design never turned away from the body of human knowledge. Always transformed, adapted to lull and scarcity. By instinct, our biological machine transforms physical information of light stimuli in visual cortex, While the drawing is an imposing action of reason, a conscious muscle training. By drawing took us from space, modify and keep control structures. With him, We can flatten part time and dominate the instinct.

The impossibility to present the finished work (not the object, but the composition) contrasts with the slow production of these works, being a real resistance to idolatry of historically accumulated forms, be of aestheticism or the social formalism. Art is made by and for humans, so is condition sine qua non express the physical state, conceptual and mystic who produces. That's what you'll see in this show, that is, the resulting composition of choices, of algorithms and of faith.

About the artist:

Fernando Aquino was born in Araújos-MG, lives and works in Brasilia since 2003. Discusses the design in your whole, with emphasis on the construction of drawing algorithms and concepts of natural geometry. Study carefully the origin and construction imagery in our society, Luke Evangelist to indigenous codices.

WebSite: www.programaçãográfica.com.br


Exhibition cycle on collecting

1º Shows – Marcelo Savio Collection

Nazareno, coleção Marcelo Sávio. Foto: Divulgação.

Nazarene, Marcelo Savio collection. Photo: Disclosure.

Pin Gallery, from this month, reserve a space in the program to promote the public meeting with private collectors.

The objective of the project is to shed light on the Act of building an art collection, What are the grounds and as collectors Act in relation to the art circuit.

Each year a collector will be invited to expose part of your collection in Room two on the Pin Gallery.

During this show will be promoted meetings and talks with the agents involved in the art circuit.

Artists participating in the show Marcelo Savio Collection

André Santangelo, Bia Medeiros, Clarissa Borges

Derik Sorato, Gabi, Gavin Turk

Hercules Barsotti, Heron, Ivan Serpa

Leopold Wolf, Nazarene, Lynn Morgana

Raquel Nava, Vírgilio Neto


11/04 -opening of the exhibition for public

  • Table of conversation with collectors Marcelo Savio and Sérgio Carvalho mediated by journalist and collector Sergio Leo. (date set)
  • Guided tour with the collector Marcelo Savio and a guest artist. (date set)
  • Display of film about collecting.(date set)

Marcelo Savio

Architect, brasiliense since 1992, collector of various objects. Books, Playmobil, papers, glasses, black t-shirts, more papers. Serigraphs, illustrations, drawings, paintings. Piano, map collection. Inhabits an apartment in Segamat town of possibilities. The overflowing objects. Now, toward the Pin Gallery.

Derik Sorato, coleção Marcelo Sávio. Foto: Divulgação.

Derik Sorato, Marcelo Savio collection. Photo: Disclosure.

“So being a good collection can be almost a work of art, and the creative process of conducting, call indelibly the artist and collector. All collections are different, because they derive from the person who makes, the copyright and trademark of your individuality collection.

For collectors, the things you collect have a special meaning and are indeed a captivating and powerful force.

Obviously also, the collection tends to reflect certain aspects of the personality of the collector, the your like, the your sophistication, the independence of your choice or confidence in the judgment of others. The collection reflects a model of the world done as to who performs, You can even be a way to fix, to establish a new order, perpetuating a life, or to give a sense of time.

The Act of collecting becomes a purpose, an objective, a reason to live, all the more reason that also serves to perfect one that started. This exciting nature of the creative process that is connected to the collecting, It is reported by several collectors, to associate the Act of investigate and search this poetic tone and even romantic , contributing to your pleasure and happiness. Often the acquisition process itself is a source of great enthusiasm, and the achievement of the desired object can acquire contours of obsession, This is undoubtedly the great asset auctions .

The art world doesn't exist without artists, but we can also ask ourselves what would happen to the world if there were no collectors? Without collectors all the ecology of art as we know it failed. Are they the large consumers that keep the whole system running.”

Manuela Hargreaves
Presentation given at the Conference on "Collecting and art Markets", at Fundação Cupertino de Miranda – 8 November 2014

Nazareno, coleção Marcelo Sávio. Foto: Divulgação.

Nazarene, Marcelo Savio collection. Photo: Disclosure.

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