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Artrianon, a site about art and culture founded by Aline Pascholati. Photo: Disclosure.

artist Aline Pascholati creates website about art and culture

The Artrianon is a website about art and culture founded by Aline Pascholati, artist and art historian graduate of the Sorbonne (Paris, France), in 2016. visual arts, design, sets, architecture, literature, cinema and many other topics are present in materials, articles, interviews and exhibition covers and fairs.

Among the employees who make up your team, include experts and Brazil all art lovers and even Europe, mainly from France, texts directly translated from their mother tongues.

In addition to articles and features, weekly and biweekly columns unusual animate the site: the writer of Porto Alegre Gustavo Melo Czekster publishes every Sunday a short story inspired by a work of art in Restless Works column; Paul Silas Son talks about the issues and dramas reader's life and writer in Between Reading and Written; Pedro Henrique Ferreira Figueira writes the artists, musicians, actors and other characters in the Letters to the Artist, at Fridays; and Aline Pascholati, Marina Franconeti and Wagner Galesco take turns with brief analysis of works from antiquity to contemporary art, on Tuesdays, in Week Work of Art.

Also write Alice Khlok, Amanda Leonardi, Antonia Lélia Guadagnuci Small, Aurelia Bondance, Bruna Pascholati, Bruno Marin, Camila Maia, Cécile Petit, Fernanda Mellvee, Guilherme Santos, Isabelle Mayzeray, Jonathan de Castro Fenile, Julia Tetzlaff, Leah Salinero, Leticia Bürger, Marina Mendonça, N.P.. Schleiden, Rafael C. Oliveira, Rodrigo Mendes, Vitor Martins and Vitor Pereira.

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Electronic address: artrianon.com
Facebook: Artrianon
Instagram: @artrianon
Twitter: @artrianon

Artrianon logomarca.

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