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Punch Freire, Bella Falconi and Victoria. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Brazilian artist paints pregnant belly frame of Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi has shaped your tummy 9 months of pregnancy one day before giving birth to little Victoria. The belly was guarded by a year and two months before Ricardo Rocha decided to make a resin finish to prevent the plaster crack. Then came the idea to make a beautiful big belly sculpture to decorate the room of Vicky and perpetuate this memory.

That's when the artist Punch Freire, brazilian who lives in Miami, came on the scene in the life of the couple. Bella Falconi chose to give color and joy to the sculpture and the end result was amazing. Punch Freire created a unique work that represents a mother and daughter. Love that generated a new life is now immortalized in a work of art.

“The big belly that housed Vicky by 9 months became a work of art for my home, Thanks to dear artist Punch Freire” Said Bella Falconi.

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